DJay2 (Android) and Mixtour)

I’ve been using DJay2 on my Android device for a while. This has led me to invest in the “Reloop Mixtour” controller.

However, I am having some issues. Mainly:
• No sound comes out of the headphone port on the Mixtour. (I have checked the volume and the Cue/Master)
• I can hear the cue coming out of the Master from the Mixtour, AS WELL as the correct Master output. (As if both Master and CUE are being sent to the RCA output, as opposed to Master to RCA and Cue to Headphones
• Whilst some of the Mixtour buttons work (Loop, Cue, Effect) others don’t seem to be working

In terms of hardware:
• HTC M8 (Running Android 6.0)
• DJay2 for Android (v2.2.5). I’ve double checked that I have the latest from the Play Store (NB this is the Paid version)
• The HTC is connected to the Mixtour via the supplied USB OTG cable from the Mixtour.
• Audio output from the Mixtour is via the RCA
• There is nothing plugged into the headphone sockets on the HTC

Can you provide any support with this issue?

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