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Lately I had some issues playing my hercules Djcontrol Mix. I checked with IOS app and everything works properly, I’ve tested my setup many times and there no problems with it.

The setup is made of the DJcontrol Mix + smartphone + split cable + Headphone + Speaker
Selecting the PRE-CUEING on the app I get the same audio output on my speaker and my headphone, making impossible the mixing, The cue button instead of sending the audio-output on the headphone make sound increase on both: hp and speakers.
So these is some bug on splitting the audio from the app to the devices.

thanks in advance
have a nice day

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I tried to download the older version (Jenuary 3.0.15) and it works!
but I can’t upload tracks from Soundcloud I get the message:
‘‘THe stream could not be decoded’’

so now I can play my console, but the purchased Djay app is useless because I cant browse my music…

Any Idea?

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Hi @Matteo_Imperatori,

Thanks for reporting this and sorry to hear about your experience with playing SoundCloud in djay for Android.

If you haven’t done so already, could you please try logging out of SoundCloud in djay by going to Settings => Library => Log out of SoundCloud, and then logging in to your SoundCloud account again in djay?

Looking forward to your reply.

hi @Emily
the problem is not with soundcloud, but in the current DJAY app version on android the pre-cue is not working properly.
playing my Hercules DJCONTROL MIX the pre-cueing is not working, the same audio is played in the speakers and headphones, pushing the cue button there is an increase in the audio you can hear both songs, from SPeakers and HP. but no the preview.
This problem is not present in the IOS app and previous DJAY app versions.
So it’s a bug of the 3.0.16 version of djay app

thanks in advance

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Hi @Matteo_Imperatori,

My apologies for the misunderstanding. I thought there was a different problem with SoundCloud that you had mentioned in your 2nd post. Whatever the case, I’ll be happy to help troubleshoot any issues you’re experiencing!

Regarding pre-cueing not working with your setup, could you please first confirm that you’ve followed the instructions in our FAQ about pre-cueing with djay for Android here:

If so, and the problem persists, could you please share exactly what smartphone model you’re using and what split cable you’re using so we can take a closer look into this? Please also confirm that you’ve got the split output enabled in djay’s settings.

In addition, when you said in your original description: “The cue button instead of sending the audio-output on the headphone make sound increase on both: hp and speakers” - could you tell me exactly what cue button you’re referring to?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks @Emily for the quick answer.
I’m usign the Split Cable given with the hercules DJCONTROL MIX, and it’s working because I checked with IOS app, the settings on DJAY app are ok too, the pre-cueing is selected and the slide CUE-MIX is on the left.
Smartphone: RealMe Gt master Edition

thanks is advance

Hi @Matteo_Imperatori,

I’ve just seen that you’ve contacted our team via email for support with this issue as well, and that you’ve shared a video of the problem and your setup over there. Thank you for all of the additional information.

Our team is looking into this issue, and they’ll get back to you via email with any updates. Please continue the conversation via email with our Support Team so they can provide you with individual support.