dmx lighting control Support

Add new features support for dmx lighting control on app

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Hey @Cooljackdj

Thanks for your suggestion!

DMX control in the djay app isn’t currently supported.

However, we’re looking forward to seeing how interested other people are interested in this feature suggestion as well.

Have a nice day!

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Hey, I’m interested, for sure. This would be great for everyone DJaying at house parties, where you don’t necessarily have someone for the lighting. I actually have developed a quick concept of how that could be done some time ago, shouldn’t be too much code to implement (except for the UI, where entirely new components are required).

Hope this may bring back attention to this topic, as this was already mentioned on the old forum.
Have a nice day!

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check through the stuff posted here about sound switch. it works - I use it

only thing that now lets down djay for this is not being able to set different bpms for different parts of tracks which vary - unfortunately for me the genre that I am most using does that a lot

Hey @jbohnst - These are some great ideas. Thanks for sharing this!

and @Paddy_Callaghan, thanks for pointing out the content from other users posted about Sound Switch!

We appreciate your input on the topic :smiling_face:

Hi Algoriddim staff , How many user requests for DMX support do you need before something going to happen?

A quick search in forum showing that this DMX topic has been requested for several years now.

thanks, Emil

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Hi Guys,

i arrive to Djay one year ago from Denon with Engine sw. The most easly implementation of dmx could be from soundswitch.
The same integration with engine to djay collection and using usb dmx dongle of soundswitch for me could be a Goal.

Carletto Dj

My interest here is varied automation with minimal input and no song-based preprogramming. A minimal need for triggers during a set of preprogrammed effects is ok, but still don’t want to do that much. I want lights to just do stuff even if it means repetition and less interesting result so music is focused on. I know a ton of cheap and expensive gear available has “sound detection,” but that is extremely tired and basic and barely reacts to music with no choreography at all. I’d love a smarter and more capable automated system.

Sound Switch seems interesting DMX controller scheme that’s more traditional in features and use. It’s not too expensive at $300 for small control hardware but requires software subscription too. Needs either a separate computer with USB out to its Control One hardware interface or Denon DJ decks with “engine dj” compatibility. This is more traditional approach with a mix of preprogrammed/automated/manual control on a hardware control surface.

MaestroDMX seems to be a new kid with an all-automated “AI” approach via a single hardware box with RCA audio inputs and DMX out at $750 (no computer or external beat-clock soft/hardware needed). Claims to simply work in real time lighting animations/effects using live sound with AI to dissect audio for intros, builds, drops, transitions, outros, etc. Demo videos are interesting though it all seems fairly repetitive and simple. Still, it seems to make discernible changes to music. Can’t tell how well it can control all kinds of different DMX lights and their capabilities (the videos only show static “par light” LEDs that flash/change color and “moving head” LEDs that change color). Requires an Android/iOS app to configure which may allow extra control during a set on the device too.

Couldn’t find much else. Pioneer / Rekordbox have solutions that are strictly tied to their world, but they seem expensive, traditional in approach of preprogramming, and too locked in.