Filter resonance control please!

Filter resonance is one of my go to controls. Sometimes it needs to be low for subtlety, sometimes it sounds impactful when it’s high. Please add it to iOS! I’m ready to move across from serato if you add this (and 3/16 delay time!) Thanks

Hi @James_Taylor,

The filter resonance settings were added to djay 3.0 for Mac. Through the mixer settings, you can select low, mid, high resonance.

This is also available on the latest iOS version:

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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@Guillermo & Team thank you so much for adding this feature to iOS today. Now two of my three wishes have been solved.

Kill eq = SOLVED :pray:t4: / Filter resonance = SOLVED
support of track BPM over 200BPM = unsolved, yet. But with big hopes​:sunglasses::relaxed:

Thx also for the “open key” format🖤

BumBum :pray:t4::black_heart::pray:t4::black_heart::pray:t4:


Thanks for your response and it’s good to see that the resonance can be tamed in iOS now. If it could be manipulated live (rather than in settings) like in other pro DJ software it would be even better.

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