Grid going haywire with Lone - Aquamarine

If I shift it later it shifts all the previous beats OFF the beat. Anything I can do or do I just need to manually beatmatch this track?

Using 4.15 on iPad Pro iOS 15.5

It is unfortunately a known problem that you can’t fix broken grids in djay; you’re mostly reliant on the grid it produces. You can set a grid marker, like you tried, but if that results in one part of your song being correct and another part incorrect, you’re basically out of luck. If you are interested in advanced beat grid editing, please vote on our suggestion over here: Edit beat grid at multiple places

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We also have a thread with examples of songs that have a misaligned beat grid like yours, feel free to add yours there: The beat grid problems & examples thread

Ah many thanks will add my vote

I just checked this song in djay pro AI for MacOs and it looks like djay analyses it perfectly.
I understand if you misinterpret the waveform since the red waveform representation of the bass drum from bar 9 is hidden visually under a lot of syncopated handclaps and high eq sounds but it’s there. Nothing wrong with djay from in my point of view. If you mix it and it ‘sounds’ good then there’s nothing to worry about. The red offbeat is prolly the synth bass shining through.
You can also make a habit of slowing the song down and clap your hands or count aloud each time the beat marking passes the playhead. If it aligns with the music/bass drum then it’s all good.
Happy mixing!

Thanks! It’s weird cos I had trouble with this track ‘by ear’, not from looking at the waveform. It was a particular section as I recall. :man_shrugging: