How transfer My Collection, including audio files to another device

It is a very long standing request from Djay users to be able to manage/sync your library across devices. Search and you will find. Remember vote for the ones that have a vote button.

Here’s one example thread that is currently active:

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Thanks @nso
As I have sub-folders within my library I didn’t focus on the playlists so much.
It was just frustrating to see that I lost my analysis and the cue points when I moved an mp3 file into a sub folder. I know that it’s generally syncing the cue-points via the cloud but it doesn’t seem to be able to recognise an identical file in a different location.

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@Derstu, I feel your pain.

I also have my entire DJ collection on iCloud Drive. It would be so cool if Djay would sync the library database (playlists, meta data, etc) between the devices, and also be able to locate the audio files on iCloud Drive, and download them on demand.

There have been indications from staff, that they are working on it, but apparently it is not entirely simple to implement. Fingers crossed something will be announced soon :slight_smile:

Hi @Derstu, I’ve merged your new topic with this existing one as they are closely related. Based on my personal experience, I would avoid having your local music stored in iCloud. I have found that this service sometimes seems to randomly remove downloaded music from devices. Again from my personal experience, I recommend that you use iTunes/Music on your laptop to manage your local music and playlists and then sync that music to your iOS devices by connecting them to your laptop. Please also read through the discussion above for some more helpful tips.