Syncing My Collection Playlists between Devices

Please add the ability to sync the My Library Playlists between devices. I typically create playlists in My Library on my iPad for playing gigs. I like using My Library because of the powerful filtering options and the fact that I can create playlists that contain tracks that are on my devices and in my streaming services. I always bring my iPhone to gigs as a backup in case there’s an issue with my iPad. However, with the current iCloud implementation only Cue Points and Beatgrids are synced between my iPad and iPhone. So I’m forced to manually recreate the playlists again on my iPhone. Thanks.


Hi @Slak_Jaw,

Syncing the My Library across all connected iCloud devices is definitely something we are looking to do in the future. Nevertheless, we are not supporting this behaviour at the moment and it would be great if other users push the topic by sharing their feedback and liking the topic.


i strongly support this topic!


Would be very useful and sensible. Perhaps as a user option to suit everybody’s preference.


This would be a great feature, I would like to be able to plan sets / experiments while out and about and then record on the laptop within a home studio. I think only record box has anything like this at the moment. It would make the djay pro ecosystem more than the sum of its parts. Workflow between devices is as important as workflow within a device. Thanks for the consideration.


I have invested time and effort putting a playlist onto DJayPro AI on my iPad, now I’d like to use Djay on my MacBook however it appears there is no way to export or transfer those playlists. Surely this must be possible?


Hey @Adam_Brown, I’ve moved your suggestion over to this already-existing thread as it has to do with the same topic.

At the moment, djay library playlists are not syncable from Mac to iPad or vice versa. We are aware of the user demand and our team is looking into this. Also feel free to upvote this topic here.


Thanks to a comment from my post about this on the Facebook page I managed to copy my playlist from my iPad to my Mac. I made a video of how I did it here:


Hey Adam,

Are you using iTunes/Music on you Mac and iPad? The reason I ask is because I decided to ditch iTunes and use the iOS Files app and DJay to organize my music. I have stored my Mac music collection in iCloud. From my iPad I have downloaded all of the iCloud music files from so that I have local copies for offline use.

Following your video I am able to successfully sync My Library playlists back and forth between iOS and MacOS by copying and renaming the djay Media Library file. However, my iOS device loses the link to the file locations. So all of my tracks are greyed out. I can manually rebuild the links by selecting Files as the source within DJay then loading each track individually from here. Obviously this is a slow manual process. I’d prefer not to use iTunes. So I’m curious to hear what your experience has been. Ideally I want to have all of my music stored in iCloud with local copies on my Mac and iPad for offline use. I want to be able to keep my DJay playlists in sync on all devices regardless of where I make changes. I’m fine with the manual process of copying the djay Media Library file, but having to manually relink each track is not feasible. I’d love to hear how other people are managing this work around. Thanks.


Hey @Slak_Jaw, I think your approach is not working because iOS has no way of keeping iCloud files available offline. They are dynamically deleted in the background when your iOS device decides it needs the space and cannot be counted on being there. I guess this is the reason why your files appear as greyed out and why you need to resync. The only feasible solution would be to put the music files under “On my iPad”, i.e. the local storage of your iPad.

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Hey @djjoejoe. Thanks for the info. Yeah that makes sense. Copying the files to On My iPad was going to be my next move anyway. Perhaps it’s just easier to use iTunes/Music. I’d like to keep the playlists updated on my iPhone as well for a backup during gigs.

Hopefully Algoriddim gets the playlist syncing sorted out through iCloud soon.


This is an essential feature for gigging DJs because it’s preferred to use a portable device between gigs to produce playlists and then have them sync to the primary performance device like a laptop.


So I used Adam Brown’s technique above to successfully copy my playlists from MacOS to iOS. However, I am experiencing some strange behaviour with a random selection of tracks that I own in iTunes (non streaming tracks).

I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced any greyed out tracks when you copy your djayMediaLibrary from MacOS to iOS? All of my Tidal and SoundCloud streaming tracks work fine, but a random assortment of my iTunes tracks are greyed out. All of the tracks are playable from the Music source, but some are greyed out when I try to access them from the playlists within the My Library source. I have tried to manually add them again to the playlists from the Music source, but they always come in greyed out. Strange random behaviour. So far I have not found a way to add or relocate these greyed out tracks. Also I can confirm that these tracks are playable from the iOS Music app.

Has there been any follow up on this topic? I have been doing house gigs using my iPad Pro and finally got around to getting a MacBook. I have a ton of playlists Ive created within DJAY Pro AI on my IPAD due to the above mentioned reasons (tracks I own, tracks I’ve made, tracks on streaming services, etc). I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get those playlists on DJAY pro AI for Mac!? This seems like such a simple concept. I don’t understand how you can be able to save playlists on ANY streaming service and be able to pull them up on ANY device but not be able to do that with DJAY Pro. This is, after all supposed to be a “pro” service.


I’m not an Apple developer, but I suspect that the filepath handling is different on iOS and macOS …

So for example if I store my music file on my PC to folder “d:\music”, that path doesn’t exist on my macOS… so how to handle the path on the macOS?

If I now have a playlist which include file from “d:\music” it will be greyed out on macOS as it doesn’t have “d:\music” files / folders … as the file paths are linux ones.

So to be “safe” only option is to store the music files to same folder and having exactly the same folder & path strucutre on both devices i.e to folder which have exactly same “full file path” on both operating system.

One solution would be like having a setting on iOS, macOS (on windows) where you could define the root folder of your local file structure. Then the playlist should only need to store the relative path for the file itself.

Hey, it’s super annoying to have no import or sync functionalities - neither for serato nor your own platform. could have been one of the biggest USPs for your software. I saw that this feature was mentioned many times before and you promised to work on it for years. Could be more useful than spending much efforts on gimmicks as “virtual scratching”.


Just wanted to add a +1 to this thread! I like to plan out sets on my desktop machine and then run them off my iPad (or another laptop). Was so disappointed today when I realized I couldn’t take the work I’d done on my desktop and use it on my iPad!


Hi guys

I think a big feature that is missing is the ability to save playlists across devices.

If I make a playlist with a combination of songs from multiple sources (tidal, soundcloud and local files) and then my iPad or MacBook brakes, I should be able to login to djay on another device and have those playlists synced there also.



I’d love to see this feature too. I’m using an iPad and iPhone so I’m hopeful that we can at least see playlist syncing between iOS devices in the shorter term, as it feels like that might be an easier step to implement?


Keeping this topic current as it’s a massive gap