I had the program shut down on me twice last night, while I was DJing

I used dj with iPad Pro I was just wondering if the power cuts out with the program shut down it’s on the iPad?

Not wanting to hijack your thread but the last two times I djayed for 5 hrs or so, one of the decks just stopped midway through the track, luckily all I did was just press play again and all went well…
Never happened before but this was using the previous version… I have since updated to the latest version and will report back should it happen again…

I’m been using this program for the last five years as well, but this never happened to me because.
I was dj I said just shut off completely.
I have the updated to the latest version and everything on my iPad.
Just wondering if it’s bad Internet without affect the program totally turn off twice. I don’t know if it’s because of the PowerPoint power but the iPad shouldn’t turn off the program she still play.

That used to happen a few years back with earlier versions but has happened since then.
My issue just happened twice in the last few weeks

Unfortunately, I have the same problem. I use version 4.1 on iPad Pro 11” (2nd gen) iOS 16.1.1. I use DJay Pro Ai for about a year and I love it so much. I used it a lot but never had this problem until now. Last night, after about 4 hours of djing the app unexpectedly shut down in full of dance floor😞 It was a horrible feeling. Please find a solution…

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I had the same problem
I use the program last night and I didn’t have any issues.
I think it was just that one night.
Try using it again.

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The problem seems to be the right, middle edge area on the iPad. If you hit that area the program will shut down. It’s the search, sort, circle with 3 dots area with the Music. I hit the black area on the right edge of the iPad and the program shutdown. I tested it today and it kept doing it

It seems an update was released today. It says various bug fixes so, I am not sure if this issue has been fixed in the new update. I have not had a problem using the iPad because I haven’t updated it for a while and little afraid to do the update now after reading this thread. Can the
Staff here perhaps give us an update.

And yes that sometimes is the problem/risk when you update…

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Now even more afraid to update. Will monitor this thread until we get a response from Djay

Just to be clear,
I have updated to the latest version and although l can’t confirm if the problem has been resolved as l haven’t tested it for long enough,
I can confirm that so far l haven’t seen any noticeable glitches with the iPad,
Mac users in a different thread are complaining that the waveforms have shrunken with the latest update…

Hey folks,

Thanks for promptly reporting this and apologies for any related inconveniences.

For those of you who keep experiencing this, please send us a message from within the djay app, following the steps below, so we can take a closer look and investigate:

  1. Open the Settings
  2. Scroll down to the Support section and tap “Contact Support”
  3. Include “Community 18830” in your message, so that we know you are reporting the same as what’s being reported in this thread
  4. Provide a brief (or detailed, if needed) description of what you were doing with the app by the time you experienced this issue

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you!


I always use the app on full screen (middle), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth off, and no other app open. So I have no idea why the app just shut down. And it’s never happened in the last 11 months.

Hi there and thanks for the swift update. Would you advise us not to update In the interim?

Hi everyone, thank you all for your feedback. We had one more question to ensure this is 100% fixed in the next update. Did everyone who encountered a crash in version 4.1 use a MIDI controller with a jog wheel, and did you by any chance touch the jog wheel around the time when the app closed (if you remember)?

Also, if you haven’t already please do send use a message via the app (as described above) so we can take a closer look at the specific crashes you encountered.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the attention, Anders. I was using a DDJ-SB3, but I don’t remember if I touched the jog wheel or not. Certainly possible. Also just replied with this info in my support ticket (#171860).

I have an important gig on Saturday. Could someone share a recent, previous version 4.0.xx? In case the bug fix update doesn’t drop this week I would really like to downgrade to a version I know is stable.


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Hey everyone,

I have been using this app since 3 years, I mean all the good stuff I experienced and now this super crash….please share if anyone has found the fix

I also have a gig this Saturday too and would like to know the same thing as well.

I have same problem but crashed 5x … pls release some hotfix or fast update, its horrible feeling djing like that :frowning: