Key Lock Set to ON default settings

+1 Upvoting for Key Lock to be on as a default setting, or to implement a customizable “startup settings template” to prevent having re-renable or disable personal preferences every time the application is relaunched.


+1 upvote There should be a setting wether to have key-lock on by default.


+100000 The app should simply save the current state of all of its controls between launches…key lock, fx dry/wet mix, etc, etc, etc.

And then maybe have a “reset to all defaults” button in the settings, but this is probably not [as] necessary.


Total agree, so many settings each and every time I open djay.

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+1 for 9 years and one month. :wink:

I sincerely hope the team counts the old stuff as votes as well. This must be one of the hardest features to implement in the history of software development. Maybe they should put the Neural Engine on the job. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Actually, maybe the team can think about simply storing / recalling the current setting if they don’t want a preferences screen.

I think that would work for most settings…

@Emily? :wink:


Thanks, @Mister_Tuur. We appreciate you sharing your additional suggestions, and I’ll be sure to push this again internally with our development team. I’ll keep you all posted here with any news! :headphones:


+1 for a global Key Lock set to ON as default


+1 please!!!


As asked by Guillermo, we really need for this feature to happen in the next update,
There’s 19 Votes and lm pretty sure more people would like this feature…


Raising this as. +1 for what it’s worth

From what I can see, it still wasn’t implemented in the latest update,
Have you updated the app to the latest version yet?
I haven’t and from what I have read by some other users, it appears to be crashing whenever you try and access your modified midi setting.

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Still no key lock…why not?

Apparently this feature doesn’t come under the category of
“ Various bug fixes and improvements “…

@maurizio_T no I intentionally have not updated, I don’t want to loose any more functionality!

Well you haven’t missed out on anything new…
One thing l did notice,and I’m not sure if it came as a result of the latest update but the app seems to remember my last setting in the form of track sorting options…
I always change it to BPM whenever l start the app and it would always reset to the default of title but now have noticed that it remembers my last selected option…
So the app has the capability of remembering the last setting so Key Lock on default should be a no brainer…

+1 for this. So annoying to accidentally warp the key the first time I adjust BPM every session.

As everyone else has said, other settings are saved (FX for example) so this seems easy.

Thanks, All, for your continued feedback about this request! I’ll keep you posted here with any updates to this in the future. Please stay tuned. :pray:

@maurizio_T You’re correct that with the latest update on iOS (3.8.9), djay now saves the previous track sort settings in the music library. :notes:

Then I don’t know why it can’t save the last Key Lock setting as well, I mean the ability to do it is there.
Please push this ahead

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Hi Everyone! Just popping in here to let you know that the key lock state will persist across launches now in the latest versions of djay Pro AI for iOS (version 4.0) and djay Pro AI for Mac (version 4.0). For more information about all of the features included in this new major update, please check out our announcement post:

Thanks again for your continued support, and for your patience and persistence with this request. Enjoy the new updates! :notes: