Lightning Camera Kit NOT WORKING with latest iOS update (16.5) (General)

Hi everyone,

We wanted to let you know that there was a new iOS update last Thursday, v16.5.

Unfortunately, the lightning camera connection kit is no longer working after this update for some.
This means that all iPhone and iPad users who installed the iOS 16.5 update are at risk of being affected by this bug.

Like many of you, we were informed by various media and tech sources such as MacRumors. We will link their write-up on this issue below.

We are hopeful that Apple will act fact on this issue and provide an update soon to all iPhone and iPad users.

Currently, because there is no solution, we STRONGLY suggest that you do not update your device to iOS 16.5 until there is an official resolution from Apple.

We will keep this thread along with a post in all other categories updated as new information comes in General. Thank you all so much!

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Got the most recent iOS 16.5 update last Thursday. The usb still worked flawlessly with my phone Sunday afternoon. Lucky i guess?

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Hey @Lowshinobi - First of all, Welcome to the Community! Thanks for your first post.

We appreciate you letting us know that the USB is still working for you despite the update. Hopefully, this is the case for other users who have also updated already!

Hi Team unfortunately the problem still exists, I am based in New Zealand, I just came off a call with their support team, appears the Apple Camera adaptor doesn’t work at all with the 12W power adaptor. No charging to device or power to my Pioneer DDJ400. They are aware there’s an issue but no resolution timeframe, which kinda sux as I have a gig next Wednesday!

Apparently, it’s possible to downgrade iOS, maybe that’s a solution? A bit sketchy to download iOS from a foreign site so use at your own risk. How to Downgrade iOS and Keep Your Data | Tom's Guide