Missing function

Hi, first you gays doing a great job!
I want to report for some missing function from one of the previous version
That function is : headphone icon

In last version have to tap 2 times before prelistening a song:

And can’t scroll through playlist
And add to deck

I use iPad Pro first gen last iOS and last djay pro update + pioneer ddj sb3 subscription

Thanks for your feedback, very good thoughts. Being able to load directly via the song context popover would be very handy. I’ll pass that on to the team. As for single tap preview, there is a slightly different approach to doing that in the new version: tap the load button of the inactive deck, then hit the lock icon at the center of the display (next to “done”). This allows you to quickly preview one song after the other with a single tap. Does this work for you as an alternative?

I see, so you would prefer a method where you can preview while another song is already loaded on the inactive deck, that makes total sense. That one’s a challenge with the given approach in the library but I’ve added it to the list and we’ll give it some thoughts. If any other ideas come to mind regarding the library work flow, please let me know. We’re working on several improvements for the coming updates already.

It’s on our list. Adding the load button seems more likely in the near term, but I can’t promise a date as the team as a long list of items they’re working on. That said, we really appreciate your suggestions, the visualization is super helpful, please keep the feedback coming as we are updating the app frequently.


We are sorry for the time passed and pushed the topic internally.

Thank you again, if you have further feedback please let us know.

Thank you for the fast answer David, but that with lock icon method is not working for me the song is going to load directly,

I have several ideas for looper and switching mode

Hi, David
I want to ask
What happens with the question to
bring back this missing functions?

Thank you

So after 9 months what happens guys I’ve pay subscription again and I don’t see why ?!

Okay Lukas E, thanks for the answer

So what’s happening with this missing function?!

Hi, team still waiting for some answer, what’s happened ???

Yo’ what’s up with you gays ?
Maybe forget for our requests and missing functions ?
I’m wondering why …
I see you are focused on that AI possibility, ok
Don’t ignore us the customers, please !