Reloop Mixon 8 - STEMS Mapping

Here’s my custom STEMS/Neural Mix MIDI mapping for the Reloop Mixon 8.

  1. FX Knobs 1 -3 are now Neural EQ Drums, Harmony and Vocals
  2. SHIFT + FX Knobs 1-3 are now FX 1-3 Wet/Dry
  3. Beats/Param Encoder is now FX 1-3 Parameter (all 3 controlled together)
  4. Pushing the Encoder selects the Previous FX 1
  5. SHIFT + Encoder Push selects the Previous FX 2
  6. Tap selects the Next FX 1
  7. SHIFT + Tap selects the Next FX 2
  8. Mic 1 On is now Instrumental (for people who use a mic you’ll want to delete this in the mapping)
  9. Mic 1 Talkover is now Acappella (for people with mic’s you’ll want to delete this in the mapping)
  10. Parameter buttons above the Sync button are now Beat Jump Backwards and Forwards
  11. SHIFT + Parameter changes the Beat Jump Size
  12. SHIFT + Headphone Cue toggles Neural/EQ mode for each channel
  13. SHIFT + Browse Encoder push Previews the currently selected track
  14. SHIFT + Load Channel 1 Rewinds the track Preview
  15. SHIFT + Load Channel 2 Fast Forwards the track Preview.

NOTE OF CAUTION: Use at your own risk. I made this for my own personal use and it hasn’t been reviewed or tested by anyone else. There may be some mistakes. If you use a microphone, you’ll provably want to delete the Instrumental and Acappella buttons in the mapping. I’m not responsible for any issues resulting from the use of this mapping.

Reloop Mixon 8 Pro SJ1.djayMidiMapping (305.4 KB)