Music Database, notes & linking...

I’m looking to do the following…

Link tracks that work together (just in terms of text within a database working a bit like a tag, not looking to physically hyperlink to track files or anything) .*
Make notes on individual tracks.
Tags might be useful

  • I note that Rekordbox has this feature.

As far as I’m aware - so far, very happy to be corrected - Djay does not have these features.

I’m thinking of creating a database on Airtable, on the plus side I can have it include anything I want and sort in anyway I want and group stuff together in anyway, you get the picture…

On the negative, it would require dipping in and out of Djay, and I’m not sure if that’s an ok thing to do for stability (running on iPad Air 5).

Assuming that stability should not be an issue, and it feels ok to work with practically, I still have to put it together, so just wondering if something made for the job already exists?


Hi @N_C,

  1. On macOS there is already a feature called Related songs: Linking songs - possible with djay? (Related Songs)
  2. Unfortunately, this is not available on iOS yet, but you can vote for this feature here: Related tracks on iOS

I see. What other options are there for these features/do others use as workaround? I don’t to have to dump Djay, only just getting used to it.


The topic has been reopened. Please feel free to cast your vote. Thanks!

@N_C as far as work arounds go on iOS, I personally create several mini playlists within my DJ library that contain related tracks. Typically these playlists will be titled by the name of the main track and then contain 2-4 tracks that I know mix well with it. Then I place all these mini playlists in a playlist folder called Mini Mixes. I’ve been using this workflow for many years and it works great for me. I’m sure there are other ways, and maybe some other DJs in this community will chime in. Hope that helps!

That’s a lot of work and would end up with thousands of playlists. I think you just made a great argument for including a link button in iOS.

We shouldn’t have to vote for these features it should be there already.and we need to be able to see the names of all coloumn. In the library section