Need help with some audio issues (Galaxy 5 and DDJ-WeGo3)

The sound through both the headphone jack and the rca outputs from WeGo3 are distorted (a weird digital sound). It makes the tracks impossible to listen to. I’m using a Galaxy 5. What could be causing this?

I had some success with my dell tablet by disabling the limiter and the auto level

Same Problem here - is there already a fix? (Beta Version maybe)
With my Galaxy Tab S 8.4 it’s not working at all
Galaxy Note 4 has stuttering audio
Galaxy S4 Active works perfect.

We are aware of this issue! Our developers are already investigating where it is coming from…

How wego 3 works with S4? you got android 5.0.1 on it?

Hi there, 
thank you for your post,we are doing our best to improve the Android applications, please note due to the different integration of the devices android software we are experiencing flaws with certain devices. I pushed your request internally and we will inform you about updates regarding the sound output of your devices. Thank you for pointing this out.

Any news on the investigation? I ́ve got the same problem on 2 android devices: Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (No sound at all)
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (Stuttering Audio)

whats happenng here, perhaps…some agree with mac? Or why this unsolved problem specially with samsung devices year after year?
Same issue with my S7 edge!!