New Reloop Mixtour Pro Hardware

Did you hear that the Djay Pro subscription IS INCLUDED, i.e. Mixtour Pro “unlocks” the Pro features?! See in the video above starting at 5:05
If that holds true, it’s a bargain….

I’m not sure I’d call it a bargain. This new Pro version is twice the price of the old one, so taking the price difference as the usual sub fee, it’s five years worth of sub “included” in the extra cost.

Not so bad maybe if you plan to keep the controller for over five years (or if it lasts that long).

As stated on the product page, there is a caveat:
The app’s functionality may vary depending on the platform used. Only Pro functions that can be operated with the controller are activated without a subscription.

[EDIT] The original Mixtour unlocked Pro as well.

I own the original. Bought it in 2018 for an emergency gig. Still works great. I see no reason why this more robust version wouldn’t last that long.

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So do I (which is why I’m amazed at the dramatic price increase).

Well, I love the little old device and it still does the job, but when it comes to sound quality and general build quality there’s a lot of room for growth.

Premium components, aluminium panel, hi-end DACs, multi color leds, paddles, extra controls, etc. etc. It adds up quickly.

I bought mine for 149 euros. Brand new, including stand. Great deal.

In my opinion, this does not make the controller a bargain, but it is still a nice goodie on top. In any case, I have already pre-ordered the controller and deactivated the automatic renewal of the subscription. And the note that only functions that can be operated with the controller will be unlocked doesn’t worry me at the moment. At the moment, I don’t know which features would be important to me that I wouldn’t be able to use. We’ll see what it actually looks like in practice, and then I’ll give it some thought.