New Reloop Mixtour Pro Hardware

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Looking forward to hearing what you think of it!

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I did a little unboxing, nothing spectacular … maybe a quick look at the practice will follow soon, let’s see :wink:


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Thanks for the side-by-side shot at the end. It’s good to see how the functional design has changed for the better.

It has already been pointed out that the Mixtour Pro unlocks some additional features. I tried to find out what really works and what doesn’t:

  • Neutral Mix works perfectly
  • Looper, One Deck Mode and Video Mode do not work
  • Manual FX only Essentials, Instant FX only Essentials and Classics
  • Crossfader FX only with fade and filter, tempo blend works

It’s possible that there are more things. I personally miss a few effects, but that’s probably also a question of habit. However, if you want or need to use a different controller, there’s a lot missing. You can work very well with Djay Pro and the Mixtour Pro, but unfortunately the controller can’t replace a subscription in every case - which is a shame, because the device isn’t cheap and I’m sure that would make the decision to buy it easier for some people.


This is what the dev team told me regarding the main features unlocked by the Mixtour Pro:

  • Neural Mix
  • Sampler
  • 4 Deck
  • Pro Mode
  • (among other smaller pro features)

Review from Youtube (not mine).

Is there any feature of the Mixtour Pro that only works for specific devices or is all features accessible on all plattforms?
(General question, have nothing specific in mind)

Hi @djfredhaze, to the best of my knowledge, there are no unique djay software features that are only accessible via the Mixtour Pro hardware.

Received mine today, a little disappointed with the quality of the buttons. Especially the middle section. I have to press them quite hard to activate them. Also the knobs for headphone volume/cue mix are very hard to twist.

Will play around with it a bit more today and give my further feedback. Might need to do some manual MIDI mapping to get it to a state that I like

FYI it doesn’t power with just an iPhone 14 Pro connected (through lightning to USB-C), not sure if it works with just USB-C to USB-C on an iPhone 15 Pro

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I decided to return my Mixtour Pro. I know it’s a “cheap” device for the amount of stuff it delivers. But I think maybe a gen2 needs to come for some things to be fixed.

My right effects switch gets stuck when using the hold mode, I can feel a “click” when pushing it down.
Like mentioned above the “hot cue area” buttons don’t have a click and don’t always register. I prefer the play/cue buttons.

The knobs are a little too hard to turn for me. I understand you want a tight gain/master volume knob, but having this for headphones and EQ buttons is a bit much. The faders feel muddy too and I feel there are working against me.
Also one thing that might matter for some. The RCA connectors are “inside” the device, so if you have a sturdy big RCA cable, it won’t fit. I had to find some lower quality thin RCA cables to connect my speakers.

I love the concept, especially the USB-C with the power delivery option on the second USB-C port. I like that Neural Mix is toggled with a single press of a button. I hope they continue this path because it is a very interesting device!