Option to use straight BPM by default?

Loving the new dynamic beatgrid in Djay Pro 5! However, most of the music I play is electronically produced, so dynamic beatgrid is more of the exception than the rule. Is there a way to default to straight beatgrid without manually changing each song in my 10,000 song library?

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Hi @gravitybass, it’s not currently possible to set the default BPM to straight or dynamic. The system automatically chooses the most suitable type when it first analyzes the song. It will choose straight if there is no fluctuation in the BPM throughout the song.

I agree with this suggestion. A lot of my electronic tracks are analyzed to dynamic but it’s as quantized as it can get.

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I think the real question is: why is it an advantage to use straight?

It seems to me that small fluctuations somehow pose a problem. Please elaborate and post examples here: Fluid Beatgrid suggestions and improvements

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I would like the software to still somewhat behave like a standard/standalone DJ system, so that one day if I’m on club gear, I have passively been practicing for hours without a dynamic BPM. Again, dynamic is great for tracks with real drummers, but for someone like me who’s library is 98% rap and EDM, produced with a DAW, it makes zero sense for dynamic to be the default. Love Algo’s application of AI to things like this, and that they’re really pushing DJing into the future. Now let me use my non-artifical intelligence (my ears) to short circuit the AI and apply dynamic only when I need to.

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Understood @gravitybass. In that case, I recommend you make a Suggestion topic for this so other users can upvote it and the dev team can consider implementing this feature in the future.

I’m curious to know if anyone has had actual issues with dynamic BPMs being applied to tracks that they know for a fact are perfect straight BPM tracks. In all of my extensive testing, even when a dynamic BPM is applied to a track I know is a straight BPM track, it still works perfectly and I see no need to change it to straight. Basically it works as expected and I’m happy and see so no need to change it.

The example that I’ve posted in the other thread does fluctuate though, although the BPM is straight.

This can have (minor) problems when looping in these regions, and it means unnecessary tempo changes (although for only 1 bar) when mixing or setting the BPM of a different track.



@Mister_Tuur exactly my point. Very minor issues that are totally worth not worrying about whether it’s straight or dynamic. In my personal opinion this is totally worth the advantages of what dynamic BPM brings.


Created a suggestion topic here: Option to use straight BPM by default

Again, love the AI features and am a total Djay evangelist, just want Algo to keep point #5 this article on digitaldjtips (be careful with gimmicks).
Practicing for a club gear set in Rekordbox?! Yuck!

I had multiple tracks where dynamic BPM was selected even though the track had a straight BPM. I’ve since corrected them all to straight again so I cannot tell you right now which ones they were, but they were all in the deep house and techno genre.

What I did notice is that during breaks (without rhythm) the algo misreads it as dynamic, and actually messed up previously set cue points because of it. There were other cases though which failed for other reasons, so it’s definitely not flawless. I think an opt-in setting would be very helpful (I would enable it for sure, at least). That said, the dynamic BPM feature is really helpful because there are of course cases where it is actually the case.

Unrelated, but I just wanted to give a shout-out for the new BPM editor, especially the option to set the downbeat and the first bar is much appreciated!

@pkaynl thanks for the explanation. If you come across another track with this issue please share the complete track ID here so I can forward it to the dev team for review.

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