Playlists are automatically reorganized with Tidal after I put them in the order I want

This is a new problem I am only experiencing in the last 4 weeks but its really bad. I spend hours and hours organizing playlists and the workflow with Tidal and DJ pro is amazing. I add songs on Tidal and/or DJ pro and then drop them in the orders I want. I usually organize using DJ Pro because its better and faster. SO much better than itunes. Some of my playlists are large with largest being about 600 tracks but this is also happening with playlists with only 150 tracks and it is not happening with older playlists that I have not changed in months…Only playlists I have been working on recently. And it happens immediately if I close DJ pro and come back 10 minutes later. I know about the automatic list tools by clicking on BPM or Title to organize them by those metrics and I constantly hit them to see if they will reorganize to my previous order but it never works. Is anyone experiencing this? Its really bad because I have to reorganize them before every gig and then its still not reliable and changes order. It does appear that the playlists are also reorganized on Tidal AND DJ pro. However, if I organize them on Tidal this does not happen. Also, I organize on an imac AND on my laptop and they are not syncing the order even though I have icloud sync setup. The orders are also messed up if I use my IOS Ipad. All of my devices are no later than 3 years old and the Imac and laptop are on different operating systems. BAD BUG. PLEASE HELP. Its infuriating.

@othasidedjs for the best control of your playlists, I recommend you use the My Collection source in djay Pro AI and create your playlists here. This will allow you to order your playlist independent of what happens in the Tidal App. Also using My Collection allows you to have a songs from multiple sources like Tidal, SoundCloud, Beatport and music stored on your device. The screen shot below is from iOS, but things should be pretty similar on macOS.

The other great thing about My Collection is smart playlists and advanced filtering.

@othasidedjs you can easily add all the songs from an existing Tidal Playlist to your new Playlist in My Collection (see below). This should save a lot of time recreating your playlists. Once you get them sorted back into the correct order in My Collection, you should have no issues with them moving around due to any changes from Tidal’s side of things.

This sounds very cool. Gonna try. Thanks for the tip. Still hope this bug stops or gets fixed. Wondering if “my collection” allows for different playlists or just one consolidated. I have not tried this feature yet. I will give it a try and find out. Thanks!

One more question…

Does this feature work on all devices… so if I switch from my imac to my laptop to my ipad these playlists will still be there? Just want to be sure before putting in all that work.

Unfortunately, this only looks like a feature on IOS. I do a lot of VJ jobs so if its not cross platform like tidal with DJPro then not as beneficial. Sometimes need to switch to laptop or have it as a backup option in case of a bug requiring restart of IOS which happens a lot. The other day I was cueing a video/song and it for some reason linked with the current playing song and started relooping the live track when I was hitting the cue track hot cues. But thats another post.


  1. My Collection is available on iOS, macOS and Windows. It might also be called My Library. The icon is a white folder with an orange djay logo in the center.
  2. Yes, you can have multiple different Playlists and also Playlist Folders in the My Collection source.
  3. My Collection is available across different macOS and iOS devices, but unfortunately the playlists are currently not automatically synced. You need to manually copy the djaymedialibrary database from one device to the other. This process is fairly simple, but not automatic.
  4. There’s a YouTube video from a djay user explaining how to copy the database between devices:
  5. I highly recommend you backup the database files before doing this. Also this is not officially supported by Algoriddim, so use at your own risk. Personally, I’ve been using this method for years on iPhone, iPad, and MacBook with no issues.

@othasidedjs to learn more about the My Collection source you can refer to the djay Pro AI macOS User Manual.

Here are some screen shots as well:

Thanks again. Unfortunately, without the playlists syncing between devices like Tidal does, its not a useful feature. I don’t have time to swap data files everytime I update a playlist. Hopefully Algo can do that in future upgrades. We are switching over to DJ pro for our bar/club and this would be a great feature if it were synced. Love the concept of being able to use songs from different sources rather than just one. Hopefully this Tidal bug is fixed one day. Thanks.

@othasidedjs understood.

  1. You can cast your vote to add the automatic syncing of My Collection in this thread: Syncing My Collection Playlists between Devices
  2. I have not been able to reproduce this bug on my setup. My hunch is that this is a bug on the Tidal side of things, however, I have shared this with our Dev Team to see what they think. Thanks!

Thanks again. I have also emailed the support team about this bug. I can take video to show the problem because it happens all the time on the two playlists I use the most often. Very strange because it moves the playlist around in large batches. Anyway, I will wait to here back from them. Thanks for the tips.

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You’re welcome @othasidedjs. The support team has received your email. If you could share a video with them that would be very helpful. Thanks!

Great. Video is ready to go when they are.

Having same problem with iOS. My playlist orders started being jumbled up randomly about a month ago.

This is only happening for me when modifying tidal playlists from djay itself. No issues using tidal on its own hence the issue seems specific to djays use of a tidal api.

Yes same problem with me. If I change on tidal its correct on DJpro but
when I change things on DJpro it reorders everytime i reopen on djpro but
that does not happen when I organize with tidal.

Spent hours Friday rebuilding 2 500+ track playlists as a result of this. I have stopped using DJPro to re-order and move tracks - now only using Tidal itself. I thought I was still OK to add new tracks to a playlist directly from DJPro though, I was wrong however as even this has now screwed one playlist again. All the new tracks have ended up inserted into the middle of the playlist, not the end, several ‘chunks’ of tracks have just moved around within it. So basically all Tidal playlist modifications of any type from inside of DJPro are randomly reordering the playlist. This is a pretty serious bug folks.

ALSO…If I don’t touch Tidal or DJPro for a few days and come back…the
playlist is rearranged and USUALLY its the same group moved to the same
area after I have already moved it a dozen times. I even tried to create a
backup playlist and copy the exact same entire playlist with a different
name to see if it was a specific bug for that playlist but it did the same
thing with a different group of songs.

As a programmer, there are couple of things to write out.

I’m suspecting that the issue is on the Tidal side:

  1. they don’t keep track on what order the tracks are in playlist
  2. when fetching data from Tidal: as performance point of view “return all songs to the client” rather than “return in requested order”, as sorting takes time.

When adding items to your playlist
it’s faster insert to the end of list, as you have different sort functions on the Tidal app itself.

So, the sort functionality isn’t programmed into the API (read from tidal/ write to tidal), but every client needs to handle it.

Unless you are a dev working at algoriddim I’d like them to comment please as they may have private APIs specific to them, given that DJPro appears to be trying to manage playlist order.