Please add MIDI Action for displaying the FX view (iOS, iPad)

Please add a MIDI Action that quickly opens the Effects View on iOS on iPad.

Just simply in the same way as the “Browse” button opens the Track Browser, it should be possible to quickly open the effects view.

Use Case: Let’s assume a track is playing. You have your iPad in horizontal mode, 2 deck view. And you currently have the Hot Cue view open. Then you quickly want to enable an effect and change its parameters. Most smaller controllers do not have extra rotaries for controlling the effect parameters. So the effect parameters need to be adjusted via UI. But most of the time you can spare one button and it would help to assign it to quickly opening the FX view.

Good idea. +1 for this suggestion. I’d like to see midi actions like this for FX, Looper, Sampler, Loops etc… I picture the Pad Mode buttons on most modern controllers enabling you to switch to different screen layouts. So switching to the Looper Pad Mode would also change the screen layout to display the Looper. Hot Cue pad mode displays hot cue screen layout.


HEy guys! Please vote for this feature!

I would like that as well and agree with @Slak_Jaw that all of the panels should be MIDI-mappable. I think djay on iOS currently does a rather poor job adjusting to a connected controller because you still have to use the screen for many things like changing panels.

I have also created a similar topic that goes in the general direction of making djay more of an enhancement of the Controller: Give us a viewing mode made for controllers (like „Pro“ mode on macOS)

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