Pre Cue Headphones doesn’t work

Hi, pre cue headphones doesn’t work on Reloop Mixon 4. I’m using the Djay 3.6.3 at IPadOS 14.4
I hope fix it soon.

Hi @djgrandu,

Could you please tell us what audio devices setup you have selected on the djay-settings?

I’m also having the same issue with the DdJ-400… when using it with my iPhone iOS 14 I can pre cue.
When I plug my iPad mini 3 in iOS 12 I cannot hear the pre cue in headphones.

Any takers?

Getting the same issue - Reloop Mixon 4. I plug in my StarLight and, after a restart of the iOS app, it picks up the cueing. Move back to the M4 and no joy! V weird…
Forgot to add - Ipad Pro 2020 model - latest iOS 14.4

I had the same experience on ipad and ddj400. Plugged in and out couple times and is ok. O iphone works great always

Hi guys @Andy_Brinkworth @Rikkiroo11,

Could you please check in the djay for iOS settings, under “Audio Device Setup” that you have the Main Output and the Pre-Cueing output selected to go to the Controller?

Here is how it should look like:


Hope to hear from you again.

Hi there - Yes I do (though I have a slightly different UI - Mine only has the 2 options and then a select - not a drop down like yours…). - Did you update the image? (Spoilers…!)
3.6.3 Version

OK - so, I can make it pick up when I start the mixer then close the app, kill the app and then restart it…
So there is a work around…

Yeah, I’m glad to hear it’s working Andy. We’ve been working on improving some aspects of the audio routing. Stay tuned…
djay should remember the channel assignment from the last time the device was connected.

Hi, I’m having the same issues, can’t get any sound through my headphones using iOS via iPhone and ddj400…? Help pls…?

Hi guys,

If anyone is still having this issue, try connecting the MIDI Controller before launching the app (force quit djay before if needed). That should fix the issue for now.

We’re working on a problem that can result in the pre-cue output not working when connecting your controller after launching djay. We apologize for the inconveniences this might’ve caused you.

Thanks for everyone’s patience in this thread.

It should be fixed in the next update!:slight_smile:

:mega: Hi All,

We wanted to follow up to let you know this issue should now be fixed with the release of djay Pro AI for iOS version 3.6.4. Please update your app in the App Store when you get a chance.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention, and please let us know if you have any further feedback or questions.

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