Precueing using external USB sound cards

Already did that. I tried a whole bunch of sequences and disconnects. :slight_smile:

Like I said, Spotify does work, indicating the iPad (setup) isn’t the problem here.

OK. I got it working once. But I can’t figure out the correct sequence of connecting and restarting the app.

The thing is, Djay seems to dislike changing sound destinations and does not follow the settings. Even changing to the iPad speakers doesn’t work correctly when the Mixtour is connected.

The one time I got it working I first had both the Mixtour and the iPad speakers working at the same time. Connecting the additional USB destination at that point worked.

It’s hit and (mostly) miss right now…


Cracked it. This sequence works:

  1. Start Djay
  2. Connect Mixtour
  3. Go to [Settings] → [Audio Device Setup] and turn on [Output to iPad Speaker]
  4. You should now be able to hear music coming from the iPad
  5. Connect additional USB output
  6. You should now be able to hear music coming from the secondary output

In settings you can see that at this point Djay doesn’t see the outputs on the Mixtour anymore. It will only show your secondary destination.

Every other scenario (app restart, USB disconnects, etc.) didn’t work for me as Djay gets lost when it shows both sound outputs.

It is most certainly a flaw in Djay, as the extra output works under all conditions on the iPad (testing with Spotify). The routing in the app fails somehow. When this happens you can’t even use the iPad speakers anymore as they simply stay silent when you flip the switch in Djay’s settings.


I see, thanks MT and it makes sense because it’s the same steps I do to properly use the di connected on the iPad headphones controlling the app with the mixtour.

The last questions are:

Which usb interface are you using?

does the cue working properly now? I suppose is coming out from usb interface headphones out?

If yes, are you controlling the cueing via mixtour or via app/screen touches controls?

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  1. StayGo USB-C Hub

  2. I only have a 2 channel USB output with me now (as I’m traveling). I can test multichannel in a week or two when I’m back home. But it looks like all channels should be available.

  3. As the Mixtour is working as before I expect this to work fine too. Again, I can tell you in a week or two.

Meanwhile, I filed a bug report here: iPad USB sound routing issue

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Update. I got this actually working while trying to reproduce a bug…

Long story short: you can use multiple USB destinations. That is to say, at least with one supported controller. I’m not sure if it’s generic support, but I’ll test somewhere next week.

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Here’s the setup that’s up and running…

[edit: now with correct shot]


With my multi-channel interface the Mixtour works fine too, but I can’t get mixed USB audio destinations (see previous shot) working as of now. I’m not interested in it, so I won’t try any further but there you go.

As an example here’s the separate outputs setup…

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