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since spotify stopped supporting algoriddim i;ve been using tidal succesfully on their premium subscription. i went to use it today and keep getting the error message ’ requested quality is not allowed in users subscription’ when trying to play tracks. anyone else having a similar problem or know a reason why i;m getting this error?.

Hi @duncanht,

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From what you’ve described, it sounds like the chosen TIDAL subscription quality in djay may not match your TIDAL subscription type. Could you please check which subscription quality you have selected for your TIDAL subscription? There are several options available.


Then, please check what quality setting you have selected in djay Pro 2. To do this, open djay Pro 2, press CMD+"," and go to Library. There you will find the option to adjust your streaming quality.


Then, please check what quality setting you have selected in djay for iOS. To do this, open djay and tap the djay logo, then tap on the gear icon. There you will find the Library menu, where you’ll be able to adjust your streaming quality.

Please let me know if the issue persists. Or if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.

Hi I’m having this same problem and I don’t know how to fix it? I have aligned my streaming quality on djay and tidal but this doesn’t fix it. I’ve tried on both high and low quality settings. Can you offer any advice?


Had similar issues using it a few days ago. I pay premium Tidal subscription, was logged in on Djay/Tidal, had highest quality streaming selected in Djay, but the sound was pitching all over the place, some tracks almost twice as loud as others which made it very hard to mix with… some advice here from algoriddim would be good! This is on MAC /Pioneer DDJ 1000…


we are sorry to hear about these issues. Sometimes it is necessary to log out of Tidal in djay via the djay Library settings and log back in, in order to get rid of the error.

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I have two accounts,

One is Tidal HiFi
and the other is…
Premium Free trial.

I can’t get quality audio on either account.

I’m on the Djay Pro ‘6 month trial’ as well if that makes a difference (it shouldn’t).

I’ve tried the Djay Pro settings ‘Normal’ ‘High’ and ‘HiFi’ on the Tidal quality and all of them sound terrible on each account. I’ve tried logging out of the Tidal library but it makes no difference.

Very annoying considering I have all the right accounts.

I have just migrated from Spotify to Tidal, and had the saaaaame problem…
SOS Algoriddim Support SOS

No, Lukas, still the same problem. What else could I try

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Hi @Pete_Wood

do you still receive the ’ requested quality is not allowed in users subscription’ error?

Having problems too - tried logging in and out of Tidal inside djay Pro but still getting error “OSStatus error 2003334207” - any ideas?

on a new MacBook Pro M1 if that changes anything?

fixed it by installing the Tidal Desktop app… weird

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