Rane One Latency?

Recently i have noticed a slight delay when bringing in a new track.

If i just use my Ipad, i can bring a track in correctly, in time and on beat pretty much every time.
If i use my ipad with my Rane one, I rarely get it right, it seems to need to catch up.

Has anyone else experianced this. Not sure if this is a glitch or if my timing is out because im using a controller, which seems unusual.

I have experienced this as well on my Rane One occasionally,
One thing I can suggest is to do the following,
Quit all other apps and only have Djay open,
Perform a hard reset just before any gig,
Switch off Bluetooth and if you’re not going to stream music, turn off Wifi as well, obviously if you are streaming then this can’t be done.
Set your iPad to Do Not Disturb mode when using Djay…

Which iPad are you using btw?
My Gen 9 used to work flawlessly but I think that with the introduction of the latest Version 5, the new Fluid Beat grid and new Stems are probably using more of my iPad than in the the previous versions,

I’ve been thinking of upgrading to a iPad Air 5th Gen as it has the M1 chip…

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Hi @David_Bielby,

Please refer to my personal list of tips for DJing on iOS; this should improve performance and stability. Also thanks for the very similar tips @maurizio_T

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