Reloop Buddy improvements

New to DJ world and subscribed to Djay Pro because it is really awesome. Have a iPad Pro 2021. I was i interested to buy a controller and the Reloop Buddy seems to be the perfect controller to control Djay Pro because it should be best supported. Just watched the review from Crossfader and they pointed out some good things that is a bit confusing. So I have some questions:

  • If I change something on the Buddy, why dosen’t Djay jump to that parameter, at least temporarily? Could be changed in settings.
  • Why does the Djay don’t support 2-band equalizer? Or Buddy support 3-band?
  • I would like Djay to reflect everything that I change on the Buddy in a way so it doesn’t feel confusing. For example the pads should be arranged just like the Buddy in Djay, at least if you have a Buddy connected. Could that be done?

Thanks for a great product!

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I’ve liked this, as I believe that’s how the voting works now. Definitely support rearranging the pads onscreen to reflect the Buddy layout - that would be awesome!
I’m using exactly the same setup btw - 12.9 iPad Pro 2021 with a Buddy. Have you got a cover for it yet? I can highly recommend DeckSaver! :slight_smile:

Totally with you on these issues (used a Reloop Beatpad 2 before which had the same problem with the 2-band/3-band equalizer). Sounds like we want the same. I opened up a thread a while ago where I asked to have a special viewing mode for controllers on iPad. Feel free to vote there as well so hopefully we can get this in one of the future updates: Give us a viewing mode made for controllers (like „Pro“ mode on macOS)

Hi! I haven’t got the Buddy yet because it’s out of stock. But I love Decksavers and I will definitely get one. And a case. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi @xeamus, Welcome to the Algoriddim Community Forums and thanks for your interest in using djay Pro AI for iOS with the Reloop Buddy.

I’ve moved your thread over to the DJ Hardware category, since it’s primarily about the Buddy controller. This also allows for voting on the thread (just click the blue “Vote” button at the top of the topic thread, @ShadowTD!).

In addition to what the other community members have added here, there is another thread already started about the 2-Band / 3-Band Equalizer topic here: 2 Band EQ option for Reloop Buddy. Feel free to also use your votes over there or add to the thread if you wish.

And finally, we appreciate your feedback about these Buddy-related functions. Our team takes all feedback seriously when it comes to future developments, so feel free to share your ideas/suggestions/feedback here. Thanks!

Has anyone had any issues with master volume when I turn it up on the reloop buddy it cuts out

Do u have any issues with sound cutting out when u switch up master volume

Hi I have a reloop buddy and iPad Pro when I use bus connection or iOS and turn the master volume it keeps cutting out have you experienced this?