Reloop Mixo 8 Pro - Hidden Performance Pad Modes

Just learnt something new on the Mixon 8. There are 2 extra hidden Performance Pad Modes called User Mode 1 and User Mode 2. Very cool.

You’ll be probably mapping this right away. What interesting scenarios are you thinking?

Hahaaa! You know it. Probably add Bounce Loops back and maybe Pitch Play/Cue Play (although I’ve never once used this).

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Can you know use these modes to make stem and stem effect pads better?

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@Dysfunk_DJ I already did that a month ago with Version 4.1.

No I get that and I’ve also added to my mapping. I was more meaning are you able to map so doesn’t impact instant effects? As at the moment stems effects are mapped to instant effects page. Or is this a present djay pro limitation?

@Dysfunk_DJ yeah that is not possible with the current MIDI mapping limitations and how Instant FX are implemented. Algoriddim needs to add MIDI commands for Instant FX Selection to make this possible. I discuss it here:

I have mapped the 2 “Secret” Pad Modes to PITCH CUE and BOUNCE LOOPS on my Version 4.4 Ultimate STEMs mapping:

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