Reloop Mixon 8 Performance Pads Sticking

I’ve noticed on left side using Mixon 8 with latest iOS on iPad Pro on roll tab (other maybe same also) when pressed top left pad it sporadically doesn’t release and goes to hold. I know already some issues with iOS 17. This maybe another or could be djay pro issue.


  1. Does this only happen with the one pad on the Mixon 8 or can you replicate it with other pads as well?
  2. Can you please try to replicate this using the equivalent touch screen controls on the iPad instead of the Mixon 8 pads?
  3. It’s possible that this is a hardware or MIDI issue so it would be nice to rule out some possibilities.
  4. Also, if you could capture a video of this, that would be helpful too.
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@Dysfunk_DJ I received a DM from another Mixon 8 user, saying they had the same problem with both the #1 and #5 Performance Pads on the left deck. They ended up sending it for repair/servicing. So it’s possible this is a hardware issue and not a software issue.

I’ve just tested and not software and looks didn’t glitch on hardware. I’ll keep monitoring and if keeps repeating I’ll contact vendor and send back as only bought in August.

Okay. Thanks for the update @Dysfunk_DJ

Sticking pads 1 and 5 with serato, djay pro mac, iPad and iPhone. Emailed bopdj to make a return.

Thanks for confirming this @Dysfunk_DJ

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I have converted some tracks from Traktor to djay 5 for use together with a Mixon 8 controller.
All on latest versions.

I have all the Hot Cue Pads lit but most of the time the pad #1 doesn’t do anything when hitting that.

But when hitting it in the software (iOs ipad) it works. Taking into account that the pads in Reloop do actually work in other ocassions I assume this is an communication/software issue, right?

What to do here?

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@DJ_Big_Blender try going into the MIDI Editor for djay Pro, pressing that hot cue and see what it’s mapped to.

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I have a similar byt not exact issue with the cue points on my Rane one when I use the same ipad in my Reloop Buddy,
I have the top 4 cues set on the Rane One but they are different on the Reloop Buddy

Thank you…

I’ve done that and it just seems pad 1 and 5 on deck One don’t respond at all and don’t point show me the mapped function at all.

And in deck 2 pad 1 doesn’t point to any mapped function. All the other pads do seem to work and what they are supposed to do.

Is this a hardware issue? Or could I do something else to make it work?

Btw; the Mixon 8 is just new right out of the box.

@DJ_Big_Blender this really sounds like a hardware issue to me.

  1. First, as mentioned in your other post, I’d try installing the latest Mixon 8 firmware; install it twice.
  2. If that doesn’t work, I’d reach out to the place you purchased it from for a replacement.

Thanks. I already contacted Reloop.

See what they say.

@DJ_Big_Blender So I’m guessing the firmware didn’t fix the issue then?

That’s totally correct.

That’s too bad. Most likely a defective unit then.

Any way to know if I have the latest Firmware installed?
I just received my Mixon 8 few days ago
Thanks for any hints

@Djay_Fleg you should be able to find out how to do this on the Reloop website or within the Mixon 8 manual.