Reloop Mixtour s10+ sound not working correctly

Hi I have just upgraded to an s10+ and my mixtour no longer has the sound go through it correctly, (no sound or volume not working) plus headphones have no sound. It worked perfect with my s8+ can you please help

Hi Stuart,

Thank you for your post.

I am sorry to hear that.

Can you please tell us the Android operating systems of your s8 and your s10?

Also, are midi signals recognized by the s10?

Hi Stuart,

if you are not sure you can check via the following midi monitor app:

Hi both are running android version 9, as for midi i not sure how to test this i am using the same set up with both phones

Hi I tried the app but did not get an signals, but as i have said before the mixtour still controls the djay 2 app (moves the cossfader, starts the play or loops etc) but it is just the sound which is either not on or uncontrollable