Search Bug FLX6

Hey there, so not sure when this happened but when using the search function for tracks, once your in the tree, the control knob doesn’t seem to respond making it difficult to load tracks to the appropriate deck. I believe it was like that in the last update as well but it seems to be worse now. Anyone else experience this?

Hi @djmondop,

Thanks for reporting this behavior. I’ve asked our Development Team to take a closer look into this issue with the DDJ-FLX6, and I’ll keep this thread updated as soon as I have any news. Thanks in advance for your patience!

Our Development Team took a closer look into this, and they weren’t able to reproduce the behavior as you’ve described above. Everything seems to be working properly on our devices here.

For this reason, could you please get a video of the issue occurring and drop it here? Just let me know when you’ve done so, and then I can further troubleshoot this with you.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Emily thanks for getting back to me! I have attached a video to the link you provided showing you that the control knob works fine when in main library view, but when trying to search it becomes totally unresponsive making it unable to select which song to which deck. Hope to hear from you soon thanks again!

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Not meaning to hijack the thread, but a similar issue happens with the Rane One whilst trying to use the Search function, When trying to use the search function, if I try and load the searched track, it will try to load the deck which is playing… Strangely enough it only happens when using the iPad in Portrait mode, does it make a difference for you using the FLX6 whether the ipad is in portrait or landscape mode?
I believe this started happening as of v4.0.1

No worries! I’m sure this search issue is on multiple devices. I use an iPhone XS Max at the moment so looks like it’s happening on different iOS devices. But that’s pretty much what is happens to me, it tries to load on the deck that is playing because I can’t use the control knob to highlight a track and select the appropriate deck. I’m not sure if it only happens in landscape which is what I use mostly I can try tonight see if it does anything in portrait but I doubt it. Also not sure when exactly this happened but yes I believe was a couple updates ago.

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Thanks, good to see it’s not just related to Rane One users

Thanks for sharing the video! I’ve sent this to our Dev Team to take another look. I’ll be in touch again as soon as possible.

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Just a quick follow up to my last reply - our Dev Team was able to reproduce the issue now and they are working on a fix for this. I’ll keep this thread updated when a fix is available. Thanks again for your patience!

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Awesome great to hear! Thank you for your help!

Thanks Emily, hopefully this relates to the Rane One as well

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I think so, seems just app related. By the way I tried portrait and it did not fix the issue. Also saw there is a new update but haven’t tried yet

In portrait mode it doesn’t work but in landscape mode it does for some strange reason…

Ya that is strange. Just updated and tested and mine does not work in either orientation.

Ok l need to make a correction, it works a bit different in Landscape mode

When l press the Track Load button on the Rane and then use the search function, if l select the track l have searched for, 1-2 appears on the screen which is asking me which deck l want to load, it allows me to then load to the inactive deck by touching either 1 or 2…

In Portrait mode however, for example the if Right deck is playing and l press the Left Deck Load button, the track selection screen/menu appears on the Left hand side of the screen, if l select a track that is in a Queue or just scroll down a particular playlist, it will allow me to load on the inactive left deck… but if l try and search for a track in the search bar and then touch that selected track, there is no 1-2 option and it wants to load on the active deck…

The only work around is to either Double press the track load button on the Rane which turns the inactive deck to instant doubles and then press the track Load button again, it will then allow me to load the searched track…

Hope it all made sense…

This is with V 4.02 as well as V 4.06, but definitely was not like this prior to V 4.0

Yes what’s happening to you in portrait is happening to me in both orientations and I do the exact same thing to select the song I’m searching for, it’s a bit cumbersome lol

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Just like to add that the Search issue is there with the Reloop Buddy as well…

Just an update,
It appears that the Search issue has been fixed with the latest update 4.0.7…
I have updated it on my test/backup ipad and so far so good… :+1:

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Finally was able to test out the update. Unfortunately it did not fix for me.

Can you please provide a quick video or screenshot where this happens, so we can see which exact view and media library configuration you are using.