Sound glitching with iPad Air 2 and Hercules Starlight

I have got a Hercules Starlight….
It works brilliantly with an iPad Pro 2022 running ios17, iPhone 13 running iOS 7, pc running windows 10 but it is glitching horribly on an older iPad Air 2 running iOS 15….

It keeps cutting between outputting through the controller and then through the iPad speakers (prob because the controller is cutting out) leads are all fine as they work with the iPhone, iPad connector fine as it works with a ddj400….
See video…

Should it work ok with ios15 on an iPad Air2? Or is it just not going to be compatible?

Hi @DJ_Dubious,

  1. The link to your video appears to be just a still image. Can you please try sharing again?
  2. Can you please confirm that you are using a genuine Apple Camera Adapter or a 3rd party one?
  3. Are all of your iPads connected to power and charging when using djay?
  4. Try turning Bluetooth OFF on all of your iPads. Perhaps there is some interference happening.

Given that the iPad Air 2 is 10 years old now, I suspect this could be a performance limitation of the hardware. Referring to the attached article for Neural Mix support there is no mention of the iPad Air 2.

If you are a long time djay user, and purchased one of the older versions, you can still download and install them to see if they run better on this old iPad.

Thanks for response…. The link successfully takes me to a video so not sure what I can do further.

It is a genuine apple camera adapter and the iPhone is charging.

Would the Hercules starlight be supported on older versions of DJ pro?

Perhaps you need to enable sharing permissions on the video?

I’m not 100% sure if the Starlight will work on the older versions of djay. I suggest you try and see.

Turning bluetooth off doesn’t help either….

How much of a problem is the demand of neural stuff if you don’t actually use it (is it actually all going on behind the scenes anyway in case you do switch it on?)

Neural mix is disabled when you use an older device. I was just using that article as a bench mark to suggest that perhaps your iPad Air simply doesn’t have the performance to run the latest version of djay.

Re the video… it is accessing it fine for me on a browser where I am not signed in for iCloud

Video is working now. It looks to me like the iPad is struggling to run djay Pro 5. Really seems like a hardware performance issue. You could refer to my personal iOS tips to see if you can squeeze more performance out of that old iPad, but I think installing an older version of djay is probably your best bet.

Djay pro 2 comes up with midi device not recognised.

Going back to the version I had on (5.1.1 seems to be the latest it installs…. No sign of neural mix on it)
It all works fine without the controller plugged in…. So it doesn’t seem to be the capacity of the iPad to run 5.1 per se, just working with the Hercules

In that case, please refer to my iOS tips from above.

It could also be an issue with the lightning connector on your iPad. I recommend you try cleaning it. I’ve had issues in the past with dust/debris in the lighting socket causing intermittent charging and connection issues.

Also, are you using the original Apple charger connected to the Apple camera adapter when running djay? It’s possible that the Starlight is not getting enough power or intermittent power from this particular iPad.

Ha ha! You sir, are a very tolerant genius! Or at least have a top memory for the clueless things we common or garden users forget once distracted by shiny new tech!

It was of course insufficient power as I had been happily just using it off my PC so had just plugged into the nearest charging lead for my iPad forgetting that it wasn’t one of my special powerful ones….

Thank you so much for you help and patience! I am glad a persisted….

For the record, it looks like djpro iOS v5.1.1 is fully compatible with the Hercules starlight, though it doesn’t look like you get neural mix controls popping up anywhere obvious.

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Hahaaa! You’re welcome. Glad I was able to get it sorted for you @DJ_Dubious

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