Standard 10th gen Ipad or Ipad Pro?

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  • Device model: Ipad 10th gen 256G
  • Version of operating system: not sure yet as I don’t have it.
  • Version of djay: Not sure yet as I don’t have it
  • Hardware/controllers used: Reloop Mixon 8

Your question:
Hi all, I have a Mixon 8 coming and I have an Ipad 10th gen 256G coming.
Is this Ipad going to work alright? I don’t really have the money for an Ipad pro as I just bought an M3 16" Macbook Pro

Hi @kfarrell70, this iPad 10th Gen should work great with djay. I’m personally still using a 2020 iPad Air 4th Gen. I recommend that you check out my personal iOS Tips to ensure maximum performance and reliability though.

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@kfarrell70, also you should expect 100% Neural Mix quality with the iPad 10th Gen.

You can use the Ipad 10ª without fear, I’m using it with Neural 100% and I haven’t had any problems, and mine only has 64Gb, I use a hub with a 1Tb external HD.

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Thanks for the input @DJ_Reinaldo_Hits

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