Support for the Roland DJ 707m

Plus 1. I would love this.

the 707 is a pro grade controller and shouldn’t be overlooked based on its size. Portability is sometimes essential.

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+1 from me as well, just picked up a DJ-707M and it’s just the kind of controller that mobile DJs love

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It would be great if this mapping would happen. I don’t see a place to vote.

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+1 VOTED, would love this to happen, pleeeaseeeee!

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Algoriddim please add this controller as the beginning of your partnership with Roland, you have to give to gain, reloop is nice but seems they have problem with QC, besides, who says you can’t have more than one partner, add NI too, start from s4mk3 or something new, maybe S4MK4 with hardware unlock djay pro, or S8 mk2


Big announcement 📣 ANNOUNCEMENT: New Hardware Support Update .

Hope Roland Dj 707M will be a part of the new supported devices.


+1 vote here. Roland DJ 707M would be amazing with dj Pro!

yes please guys, make djpro the best and let us use your program for the 707m

I voted, too! On my site, it’s the upper LEFT! 37 Votes by now…

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Another big plus one on the Roland DJ 707M controller. I signed up to the forums just to vote for it.


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Ah well, no luck this update. Might it ever happen?

Unfortunately, the Roland DJ 707m is not USB Class Compliant so it cannot be supported on iOS.

Roland 707m was working a couple of years ago with the mobile djay app, what do you mean it cannot be supported? There is a setting on the second USB connector on the console to be “class compliant”, exactly for iOS devices. Please read the device manual before posting.

By the way, I re-started my subscription after the “big announcement, new hardware”, and then re-cancelled it when seeing how lackluster it was…

Thanks for the info @Marius_Stuparu. Do you have a Roland 707M and can you confirm it is recognized by djay on iOS when connected? Based on the information we found previously, this hardware does not support iOS. Either way, I have passed this onto the dev team for further review. Thanks again!


This is what I could find in the user manual:

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Here are screenshots (3 posts, because “new users can only attach one image” ?!) from djay itself.

Also, there is no reason for this conttroller not to be mapped in the desktop version. Virtual DJ works flawlessly with it.

Second picture

And finally, the option to switch USB-B between “vendor” mode (Serato and VDJ) and “generic” (iOS)