Syncing My Collection Playlists between Devices

Come on guys…this is a pretty important feature request from subscribers but seems to be low priority for you. How about an update on the progress?

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Following with interest

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BUMP. Can we please have this? I’m no coder but don’t image that it’s too difficult to implement as so many music apps seem to be able to provide a similar function.

It’s possible to use Dropbox to store and sync your music files and playlists across devices, and DJay could potentially implement a feature to import playlists directly from Dropbox. This would enable you to make changes to your playlists on one device and have those changes automatically sync to your other devices.

However, it would be up to the developers of DJay to decide whether to implement this feature, and how difficult it would be to do so. It’s also important to consider the potential security and privacy implications of connecting DJay to a third-party service like Dropbox.

Just here to +1 this… I’m considering migrating from Serato to DJay because of the ability to play off my phone, but if my crates won’t sync to iOS then that’s most definitely a deal breaker… I just assumed that this worked easily… Unless I’m missing something, this is a major bummer…


Lol, I’m just here because I just spent an evening building a playlist on Mac to then perform on the iPad coupled to my booth hardware… only to find they’re not synced! I completely and totally assumed it would be synced. This is not a strange expectation either, it’s kind of been the baseline for Apple ecosystem apps a couple years now. Yet here we are, so a big fat +1 here.


This is so weird that i must confess curiosity on why they did not do yet.
Why, oh why?

bump… 1 month has passed so… we need a response that this is being prioritized


I am requesting the exact same thing here. I think it is rather absurd that we cannot do this when Apple and its iCloud ecosystem is designed for exactly this. The iPad, the MacBook, the iPhone even the Apple Watch have the facilities built in for apps to sync and integrate.

Come on devs there is absolutely no need for us to be continuously pushing this topic, as it is something that should be made available to us as users. Apple has provided the platform now it’s up to you guys to make it work
When we are working on the fly, we often get a new truck and added via iPhone only to find out that we can’t use it on the Mac or the iPad.


Hi friends at Algoriddim,

We get it – you have a vision on your product. You’re the next generation, not a crusty old cataloguing system like Rekordbox. All those old-school things like syncing and metadata.

But you know, sometimes there’s truth in those old systems, despite all the cobwebs. DJs still rely on their own metadata to order and recognize music while they perform. DJs still use different devices to edit and prepare than the ones they perform on.

Syncing seems to be, by a wide margin, the most requested feature by your user base (the top 2 voted items are both about it). Not Apple Vision Pro support, not additional video transitions, not sorting keys by similarity, or some of the other (undoubtly cool or handy) things you’ve added recently.

You’ve created a voting community for a reason. As it stands, there is no clearer way for you to learn that you users believe syncing is the single-most important thing to address.

A meaningful update would go a long way – perenially not addressing the big elephant in the room is no way to treat your community.



I suspect part of the problem is Apple copyright protectionism. You can sync music files using iTunes from a computer to a mobile device, but can’t copy the music back in the other direction (which I’ve always found incredibly frustrating, and Apple’s use of the word “Sync” confusing, because it isn’t syncing, ie updating both devices with the latest changes made on either, which would be syncing in the true sense of the word, but instead what Apple mean is copying a music library from a computer to a mobile device, in one direction only). Any tune you’ve bought via Apple should appear on all Apple devices via Apple store online cloud, but not music you’ve bought from elsewhere (Beatport, Traxsource, Juno, Amazon Music etc).

It would be pointless implementing an automatic method of syncing DJay playlist database files if Apple’s policy deliberately prevents the music that is linked to in that database file from copying over in that direction.

There are manual “hack” ways of copying music and playlist database files with 3rd party apps (in either direction, like iMazing) but I suspect the reason you’re not seeing an automatic way to sync playlists from an ios device to a MacOS (or Windows) device (that would just work, with all the music copied over) is that would be essentially requesting DJay to bypass Apple’s copyright protection policies.

Theoretically your friend could install DJay on an iphone and in one sync you could copy all your music in DJay on your mobile device to their device. Apple won’t make it easy or automatic for that to happen (hence you have to be logged into your Apple account to see the music you’ve bought from Apple).

Some of what I’ve said there may not be 100% accurate but that’s the general impression I get about why the “sync between any device” feature isn’t easy to implement.

@Tony_Jey that’s possible, but I don’t believe this is the case. For one, this used to work automatically in a previous version of djay. For two, you can still manually do this by copying the djaymedialibrary file between iOS and MacOS with no issues.

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The media library file I can see on my iPad is only 383mb in size but there’s over 90Gb of music. That can only contain the information DJay knows about the tunes, not the music files themselves so transferring that file from one device to another won’t ensure that all the tunes in playlists are present and you’d get loads of “file not found” unless you also separately put all the music on both.

Of course, if you’d originally synced the music from the Macbook to the ios device it would already be on the Macbook.

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@Tony_Jey that is correct. The djaymedialibrary file is a database that contains all the Hot Cues, Saved Loops and Playlist information for all tracks in your djay library. This includes tracks from streaming services as well. It does not contain the files themselves. You still need to use something like iTunes/Music to keep the physical tracks on both devices synced. The database contains all of the other important data.

@Tony_Jey also to clarify, we are talking about the My Collection source in djay and all of the playlists created within that source. Keep in mind that the My Collection source allows you to include tracks from iTunes/Music plus all of the streaming services. Copying the djaymedialibrary database file between iOS and MacOS maintains these playlists and all of the Hot Cues and Saved Loops.

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Yes that’s as I understand it. I think people’s demands/expectations here is for a simple one-click sync between any device that includes all the tunes and data. My previous post about why Apple deliberately provide no mechanism for copying music from ios devices were my thoughts on why that may not be as easy to implement.

Yeah those are two separate things. This thread was originally about syncing the My Collection Playlists across MacOS and iOS devices. This by association includes Hot Cues, Saved Loops and beatgrids. Currently only the Hot Cues and Saved Loops are automatically synced using iCloud Sync.

I’m not sure it was. You understand how it works and can see the technical detail but I suspect many people demanding the feature would expect the tunes they have in playlists on ios devices to also just be there on any device they sync to as well.

I agree any custom beatgrids would be nice (I assume default beatgrids would be the same if analysed by the same program on both devices) but the bigger problem would be tunes not being there at all.

100% need all playlist to be synced across all devices using cloud.

Reading the points made by Tony_Jey. Maybe the solution would be some kind of sync meganism outside of Apple’s Music library. Similar to how syncing to a usb used to work for Rekordbox (or maybe still does, haven’t used it in years). Maybe a full cloud solution, maybe based on iCloud or Dropbox would give a way to sync ‘everything’.

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