Syncing My Collection Playlists between Devices

Hey Tony_Jey,
It is possible.
When a user subscribes to Apple Music.
The user has the option to sync across devices.
If the user decides to do so, Apple will upload all the users’ existing music to their server thus replacing any of the same tracks with higher quality and offline listening.
I choose to have this feature off because I’d rather sync through iTunes via Mac and am afraid of what would happen to my existing tracks.
If I buy a song in iTunes via an iPad,
when I open iTunes via Mac,
I download that song into I tunes via Mac.
Then when i connect the iPhone to the Mac, it will upload that song to the phone.
If the SYNC feature in Apple Music was ON in my devices, I would not have to go through this uploading.
I’ve been doing this for years.
As a matter of fact, I create smart playlist that will automatically put the new track in ALL devices.

NOTE: Djay will not play STREAMED music from Apple, only PURCHASED


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The problem with Djay,
Is that it doesn’t SYNC the beatgrids through all devices. That is a major problem.
If I create cue points on one device…perfect.
But NO… not the beatgrids.

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Jiat came here to upvote thas topic.
I want playlists synced across devices. I don’t need the files synced but at least I want to be able to plug my hard drive taked from my mac onto my ipad and i see exactly the same playlists.

Having an ipad or iphone with terabytes of space to store music is too expensive. I would rather have the library info synced.
If i want the actual files locally on my ipad or iphone, i can always manually sync via Music app


Please work on syncing between devices with the DJPro library feature. Would be really great. Always need to have a backup device at gigs in case of a problem and having the DJPro library sync would be an amazing added feature. Love the app! Keep it up!

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This is required more urgently now for tidal users as there are problems with tidal playlist ordering.


Yes it is expensive,
But then your problems will lessen, no?

Come on, this is such a basic feature which is missing. Can you please add this??

I need this also. Just need the metadata from the “my collection” to sync across devices.

This way I can work on my playlists on the go via my phone… and then have them ready to perform with via iPad or Mac.

Any ETA for this feature?

Is it even on the roadmap?


djay pro AI 5.0 is just around the corner. Let’s see what Santa brings :sunglasses:


Only two days left. Really curious what it will bring.

Hardware support via iOS or iPadOS would be great

Hey Jason,
So you have a Mac and iOS devices
And how do YOU manage your music if i may ask?
Just want to know how you manage your music instead of using iTunes.

If you only buy music from Apple, then use Apple…

Buuuut… If you buy some songs from 3rd party shop this would happen

  1. you add your song on your mac on iTunes (an mp3)
  2. iTunes will upload the metadata of the song into your account
  3. iTunes will do audio finger printing to your mp3
  4. if there is a “match” in Apple Music cloud, the linked “match” is stored to your account
  5. in your phone, when you do the sync, the Apple music cloud version is downloaded to your phone
  6. your own metadata is written to the actual file by iTunes…

Apple won’t give you free storage, it will try to minimize everything at any costs.

Why this? As record companies has already delivered the high quality original audiofile to apple store, why would Apple allow every user upload the same song ? Nope, they won’t.

In worst case you’ll get on your phone or on the iPad is the DRM protected version.

Just my 2 cents… how I would do it as working sw designer at apple :smiley:

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Hey Fred,
Primarily using Beatsource, but have some custom tracks that I want to access and utilize via the files app. Planning on having a folder just sync across my devices.

So beat source is streaming?

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This appears to be a long standing and highly rated feature request. Any word about if this is coming soon? I’m looking at alternatives because the lack of this feature causes me to spend way too much time prepping and syncing playlists between my devices.

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Merry Christmas to all — hoping that 2024 will be the year where you can easily manage your DJ collection across devices. :christmas_tree::santa:t2:


Yes, we need this too!!! Especially if there is already accounts from version 5!

Now that Apple Music streaming is possible within djay - what about syncing collections and analyzed tracks?


That would be so good.

Hi, How can I sync my cue that I have juste prepared in djay for windows in my IPAD & IPHONE?
I tried to save my music in Google drive & Icloud but still with the issue. Imposible to see my cue in IPAD / IPHONE.

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