Syncing My Collection Playlists between Devices

Now that Apple Music streaming is possible within djay - what about syncing collections and analyzed tracks?

As so many users have stated above, this is crucial for me.

I’m so surprised this feature is still missing. It should be a no-brainer.

Please advise or give us an ETA.

Tracking this thread.


Hello everyone,

I spoke with engineering regarding another topic on how to manually transfer My Collection to another device. We do not have an officially recommended procedure for this mainly due to the fact that there is a huge variation in how people choose to manage their music files. Also, there are extreme restrictions imposed by iOS on how djay can work with these files.

Having said that, it basically involves 3 steps:

  1. Transfer the djay media library database file to the other device.
  2. Transfer the audio files to the other device (e.g. via iTunes/Music, USB drive, iCloud, etc.)
  3. Relink the audio files on the new device to the items in the media library. This is done by selecting and reimporting the files into My Collection.

NOTE: For macOS to iOS the recommended way to manage audio files is still to use iTunes/Music as this is much simpler and more reliable. In most cases Step 3 above is not required as djay can usually find the tracks in My Collection in the iTunes library automatically.

I hope this is helpful. Thanks!


Thanks @Slak_Jaw for posting this information here . I just wanted to state that I also believe implementing syncing of My Collection between devices should be a development priority. Many Djay users have not interest in syncing through Apple Music, which is pretty limiting. The My Collection folder is so well implemented, allowing for the combination of local files and several streaming services (and not only Apple Music). You should a way of allowing for easy syncing between devices, be it through a cloud service or at least between devices using the same local network (like between rekordbox and its mobile app), please.


It almost works, but the re-linking in step 3 on iOS is not practical. I can only add files one by one. If I could add a folder recursively it could work (while we wait for a proper cloud sync feature).

Me too. I want to use my collection across devices (iPad and Mac book).


Has there been any movement on this topic?


The inability to sync across devices is a massive flaw for a proffesional app.
Please no more workaround suggestions that don’t work properly.
Please algoriddim, let us sync across devices.


I have oodles of playlists in Djay Pro that are linking to beatport and tidal tracks. I just got a new laptop and want to sync them to my new device. How do I do it please? Is this integrated yet?

Hi @Terran_Orletsky, are you on macOS or Windows? All of your My Collection playlists are stored in the djay Media Library database file. You simply need to copy this file from your old laptop to your new one.

  1. macOS:
  2. Windows: