Syncing My Library Playlists between Devices

This needs to be a priority. It is absurd such a basic function is not implemented.


Yes please make this a priority!! I’ve built extensive playlists on my macbook and it has been my preferred way of building and curating my music collection. However, I want to start performing with the iPad and the fact that I can’t sync all my work from the macbook into the app is absurd!! Please make this a reality soon <3


Incredible that its now going to be the year 2023, where syncing things across multiple devices is a no brainer, and Algoriddim is still a sleep at the wheel.
I would say that this is the most essential need on this app!
DJ Ai Pro?? It’s not so pro!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Please prioritise this feature. Hardware failures aren’t uncommon. The ability to simply and preferably automatically sync/backup playlists etc and therefore be able to switch between devices should be baked in to the software. What’s the hold up on this guys?? Do you have a new feature roadmap? Thanks.

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Merry Christmas to all — hoping that 2023 will be the year where you can easily manage your DJ collection across devices. :christmas_tree::santa:t2:

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Please vote here: Public Roadmap request

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This seriously needs to be implemented. I love DJay Pro AI across my devices but increasingly now I have the need for playlist syncing across devices. Like DJ Engine or Rekordbox it can be done and a mobile device can be used for curation. So I’d love to be able to use my iPad sometimes instead of my Mac for gigs but would prefer to make the playlists on my iPhone and access on my iPad or Mac. So for now I’m just using my Mac as I’m confined to one device so I picked one. It has to change soon tho. It may seem like a small thing but it’s actually a huge feature that is going to make or break DJay soon if they do or don’t implement it.


As a new user checking out djay for the first time this was a key priority. Surprised to see it’s not a thing already.

Any other DJ apps around that have both the AI ‘stems’ feature and syncing between devices?

this has been open for two years, so there is clearly not much urgency.

Is there no way of doing this simply with Dropbox just as Rekordbox has then importing the playlist file from Dropbox rather than the one inside your DJay folder? I don’t see an extra option being difficult to implement when you have Dropbox connected.

I would pay extra for this as that means I can setup cue points and saved loops on my phone or other iPads.


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Allow storage of audio files and library database in cloud sync services such as Dropbox and iCloud Drive.


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I would like that as well. Right now i’m still using the standard music app to sync files from mac to iPad. But if we could use a cloud folder that all devices can read to keep files in sync that would be great.
Main point for me is syncing the library database though.

My wild guess : the database/medialibrary format is totally different on each platform.
So it’s not just copy paste operation from device to device like from macOS to iOS.

At least on windows and macOS the media library db totally different.

Come on guys…this is a pretty important feature request from subscribers but seems to be low priority for you. How about an update on the progress?

Following with interest

BUMP. Can we please have this? I’m no coder but don’t image that it’s too difficult to implement as so many music apps seem to be able to provide a similar function.

It’s possible to use Dropbox to store and sync your music files and playlists across devices, and DJay could potentially implement a feature to import playlists directly from Dropbox. This would enable you to make changes to your playlists on one device and have those changes automatically sync to your other devices.

However, it would be up to the developers of DJay to decide whether to implement this feature, and how difficult it would be to do so. It’s also important to consider the potential security and privacy implications of connecting DJay to a third-party service like Dropbox.

Just here to +1 this… I’m considering migrating from Serato to DJay because of the ability to play off my phone, but if my crates won’t sync to iOS then that’s most definitely a deal breaker… I just assumed that this worked easily… Unless I’m missing something, this is a major bummer…


Lol, I’m just here because I just spent an evening building a playlist on Mac to then perform on the iPad coupled to my booth hardware… only to find they’re not synced! I completely and totally assumed it would be synced. This is not a strange expectation either, it’s kind of been the baseline for Apple ecosystem apps a couple years now. Yet here we are, so a big fat +1 here.


This is so weird that i must confess curiosity on why they did not do yet.
Why, oh why?