The beat grid problems & examples thread

It does better job to find out these strange places that we want to manually edit for each track i.e the data is there and we want to edit it manually …

Well… this api can describe for each detected “section”

  • exact time when the section starts
  • exact time when section ends from the begin of the track
  • section duration
  • bpm
  • time signature
  • key of the section

Same for each bars:

  • exact time when bar start
  • duration of the bar

Like in the web example it describes
“bars”: [
“start”: 0.49567,
“duration”: 2.18749,
“confidence”: 0.925

This means that the

  • first bar of the track stats in 0.49567s
  • each bar duration is 2.18749s long with 92.5% confidence

By looking this data
‘Oops!..I did it again’ by Britney Spears, there is single bar with -1 BMP compared to rest of the track, just before the break, so it breaks djpro…

You can see it also here bar 52 bpm is 94 but rest of the song bpm is 95

Ah! I never used that part of the API. Maybe it wasn’t available when I looked at it. Cool stuff though!

This is a problematic track…
start with slow bpm, speed up, then slow bpm break… nasty

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Dang! That’s a very nice track. I like the speed up and breakdown

Late to the party guys… :wink:

It would be nice if we could set custom downbeat colors for every 16/32/64/128 bars (Ex. Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Cyan, Pink, Purple, Orange). This would help us identify where in the track there’s a break or a new verse.

Denon DJ have just implemented this in their Prime software

Hey @Mister_Tuur @maurizio_T @Slak_Jaw @dj_romy_fi @djjoejoe @DJ_Norm

Just wanted to wholeheartedly thank you all for the genuinely insightful and informative input you have provided on this topic. It’s a pleasure to see how this discussion has kept going since starting in August '22 and the amount of useful information featured in it :rocket:

The Devs have already been looking into implementing multiple/custom beat-grids (originally brought up here in the Community), and I will make sure to pass the information from this thread on to them, as I am confident they will find it useful.

It’ll be our pleasure to keep you posted with any updates. Cheers :slight_smile:

Another one for the record - Lone, Aquamarine.