The music goes up and down in autoplay Djay pro with Pioneer DDj-flx4

The music goes up and down in AutoPay with Djay pro with Pioneer DDj-flx4 normally after 20 to 30 seconds in some songs. Do anybody have a solution.

@Terje_Himberg-Larsen I assume you mean the Volume is going up and down. If so, you could try enabling Autogain in the Settings>Sound.

Auto gain have been on enabled all the time

@Terje_Himberg-Larsen it will be easier to troubleshoot your problem if you can provide more details about your setup.

  1. What iOS device are you using and what iOS version?
  2. What version of djay?
  3. Do you have a paid djay subscription?
  4. How exactly are you connecting to the FLX4 to your device?
  5. How are you connecting the FLX4 to your sound system?
  6. What is your music source? Streaming or files stored on your device?
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2. 4.1.10
3. Yes
4. with original Apple adapter and cable. Power 5V-3A, 9V-2A, 12V-1.5A power supply
5. Audio cable backside directly to PA mixer
6. Local stored and Tidal

Same problem also with my customer same setup.
I worked as dj sound engineer for 40 years I not an amateur so I know my equipment etc

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@Terje_Himberg-Larsen thanks for the information. This is helpful. Unfortunately, I don’t have the same hardware as you to test, but I can provide some general suggestions which might solve your problem.

  1. Can you capture a video of the volume going up and down problem? Is the volume change visible on the FLX4 VU meters and djay’s on screen VU meters?
  2. Turn Bluetooth OFF on the iPad.
  3. Perform a hard reboot of the iPad (Google the procedure).
  4. Use a high quality USB cable with dual Ferrites to connect the FLX4 to the iPad. External interference can cause some unusual behaviour when using cheap USB cables.
  5. Also, I would consider backing up your iPad first then updating your iOS. Make sure you disable automatic backups so this doesn’t get over written accidentally. You may want to roll back to this backup if it doesn’t solve your problem.

@Terje_Himberg-Larsen you also might want to check out my other threads of general tips for djay:

  1. Can see if I can make Video when I work in the weekend, but can be difficult because Never know when it happens. But the vu on both mixer and dj goes up.
  2. Always off
  3. Have done
  4. Only High Quality
  5. make backups every week. Have today also updated to iOS 15.7.9 that just came. so will see if that change anything…

Very Thankful for your help.
My customers and me use Auto play a lot now, because the places we play at the moment the music is important but we do not mix much. Our social skills and contact with the customers are more important. I also have two other mixers (weego4 and Ddj -200) shall test these two and see if the problem is there as well. but no not recall that problem with them.

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@Terje_Himberg-Larsen you’re welcome. Thanks for the additional information as well. Based on this, I’m temped to point a finger at the FLX4 hardware. How old is your unit and how often does it get used? It’s possible that your channel faders and/or cross fader are either dirty or are starting to fail. This seems possible since you’re using the hardware in public venue and the FLX4 doesn’t exactly use Pro level components.

I use Automix as well sometimes at the beginning of the night when I’m the only DJ and know I’ll be playing a 6+ hour set. I also use it a home a lot when I’m doing music discovery. I’ve never experienced the problem you’re describing on any of my gear (and I’ve used a lot of different hardware).

The flx4 should be much better than the two other mixers. When it was realized it did not work with cables on iOS. only Bluetooth. I pointed that out for Pioneer and they did come whit a firmware upgrade that made it possible.
like you I have used the most. Have used Djay from the first version, always found it very good.
Before I did use Traktor whit the Mk2 mixer.
The integration wit first Spotify and now Tidal makes Djay great because of no need for hard drives etc.

@Terje_Himberg-Larsen I just wanted to follow up on this. Are you still having issues?

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@Slak_Jaw No no solution the problem is still there

@Terje_Himberg-Larsen sorry to hear that. Okay, thanks for the update.

Hi @Terje_Himberg-Larsen,

  1. I spoke with the engineering team and they were not able to reproduce this issue on their FLX4 hardware.
  2. Can you please submit an official support ticket through the app via Settings>Contact Support.
  3. As mentioned before, submitting a video showing the issue would be very helpful.
  4. Engineering also said that if you have an older iOS device and/slow wifi, the issue could be the time it takes to analyze the song when loading. Autogain is applied only after the analyzation is complete. So, if the song starts playing before it’s fully analyzed there will be a jump in volume when the analysis finishes. Can you check to see if you see the gain knob jumping when you experience this issue?

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