Tidal Hi-Fi - partial track load bug back again?

Hi All - have any other Tidal Hi-Fi users noticed a lag in the tracks loading in version 3.1.8?
The waveform appears completely but at about 3 1/2 bars in the audio just stops.
Eventually (after a minute or two) it will get past this point and play the entire track but it doesn’t leave a lot of time for cueing and getting your mix ready.
It reminds me of this issue which was resolved a couple of versions back:

Or is it just me?..


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Just want to bump this post. I have noticed the exact same issue for about two weeks now. One observation is that Tidal announced its basic version was free and that all paying users were now premium users around the same time this issue started occurring for me. Not sure if it could be related.

Another observation is that I dont have this issue with Beatport.

Hi guys, Thanks for bringing this to our attention, and sorry to hear about the problem with the TIDAL HiFi track waveforms not loading as expected. We’re monitoring this issue closely as it does seem similar to the old bug you mentioned, @paulmack.

One possibility is that this is related to the network speed, since Hifi files are larger than normal. As a starting point to troubleshoot this, our team has asked if you guys could please try testing the network speed with speedtest.net and send us the results at the time this error occurs.

Thanks in advance for your help troubleshooting.

Hi Emily,

The speedtest result is a download of over 70 mbps so network performance is not the issue.
It is so eerily reminiscent of the earlier bug I reported except the full waveform loads almost immediately but for over a minute or so only the first 2 and a half bars play. I am on version 3.1.9.
Please look into this as at the moment it feels like we are taking 2 steps forward and 1 back!

Thanks, Paul. We appreciate your efforts. I’ve passed this information to our Development Team, and I’ll be in touch with any new updates here.

I gave up on Tidal hi-fi on djay pro about 6 months ago.