Traktor-style Modifiers and Conditions?

If Algoriddim introduced a mapping editor similar to the one in Traktor, which NO OTHER DJ software has right now besides them, that would be a game changer. I would love to be able to use one button for multiple actions using conditions like in Traktor, or modifiers with different values that could be used to activate multiple decks, cue points or samplers. If they did this, I wouldn’t see much reason to stay with Traktor given that Traktor Pro 3 still doesn’t have any streaming service support.

Hi @IAmTheUngulate,

Welcome to our community and thank you for your suggestion.

This feedback is very valuable to us and it would be great if other users can share their thoughts on how to improve our MIDI mapping options.

In general you ant to assign several options to one button action right?

That’s correct. As an example, in my Traktor mapping could save a regular hotcue with an ‘if’ condition that Active Loop (the state of whether or not a deck was using a loop) had a value of 0, and a loop hotcue if the Active Loop had a value of 1. These kinds of conditions as well as generic modifiers with different values (Deck 1 = M1, Deck 2 = M2) would be much more powerful than the deck select commands, since you could assign only some commands to activate when Modifier states are active. Right now if I have my Play/Pause buttons on my two channel controller assigned to selected deck, and I hit the Deck 3 button, both of them will be assigned to Deck 3, rather Than just one of them

+1 for this suggestion