Traktor-style Modifiers and Conditions?

If Algoriddim introduced a mapping editor similar to the one in Traktor, which NO OTHER DJ software has right now besides them, that would be a game changer. I would love to be able to use one button for multiple actions using conditions like in Traktor, or modifiers with different values that could be used to activate multiple decks, cue points or samplers. If they did this, I wouldn’t see much reason to stay with Traktor given that Traktor Pro 3 still doesn’t have any streaming service support.


Hi @IAmTheUngulate,

Welcome to our community and thank you for your suggestion.

This feedback is very valuable to us and it would be great if other users can share their thoughts on how to improve our MIDI mapping options.

In general you ant to assign several options to one button action right?

That’s correct. As an example, in my Traktor mapping could save a regular hotcue with an ‘if’ condition that Active Loop (the state of whether or not a deck was using a loop) had a value of 0, and a loop hotcue if the Active Loop had a value of 1. These kinds of conditions as well as generic modifiers with different values (Deck 1 = M1, Deck 2 = M2) would be much more powerful than the deck select commands, since you could assign only some commands to activate when Modifier states are active. Right now if I have my Play/Pause buttons on my two channel controller assigned to selected deck, and I hit the Deck 3 button, both of them will be assigned to Deck 3, rather Than just one of them

+1 for this suggestion

Still nothing on this one, eh? Honestly this feature would make me switch. At the moment I’m just waiting for Traktor to have Tidal integration and then I’m back there

Count me in. Flexible MIDI modifiers would enable a lot of interesting ways of using any deck for all kinds of users.

Example might by combining two inputs to adjust a third output like holding an effect key while turning a Low knob could deactivate the Low EQ while adjusting the Wet/Dry level of the effect currently activated instead.

Even just being able to apply the shift key to other inputs would be helpful. Example might be holding Shift and turning the Filter knob overrides Filter with Noise Sweep instead or other preferred effect like Gate or whatever.

maybe you didn’t understand the power of Dj 2 Pro. Native Instruments is making the same mistake as Technics, and will pay dearly for it. Dj 2 Pro does not have to look like Traktor but stay away from him and one tells you that Traktor used it since its very first versions

+1 for this suggestion!
The Neural mix will be more usable with the serato fx on any capable controllers

waaaaaaaay more than that, Lukas. We can already assign multiple actions to one button. What I want to do is have multiple modifers as well as modifier states which could be used like ‘pages’ for simple MIDI controllers. For example, If I have a controller with four cue buttons and a SHIFT button, Shift + Cue 1 could trigger Modifier 1, state 1, which might be Cue mode, so all of the Cue buttons, on the condition that Modifier 1 is in State 1, become cue points. Shift + Cue 2 could trigger Modifier 1, state 2, which might be Loop mode, so then all of the Cue points turn into Loop functions on the condition that Modifier 1 is in State 2. Traktor Pro has had 8 Modifers each with 8 states, as well as a ton of different modifier conditions for about a hundered years now, and no other company has decided to try and steal this from them yet. Those of us that make use of these really powerful conditions and rules have been able to do some crazy shit with MIDI controllers and can turn any MIDI device into a hundred more things than the manufacutrers had intended for it. If Traktor comes out with Tidal and Soundcloud integration, I’m going back.

+20 for this. I am frustrated at Traktors lack of development and REALLY LIKE what I see in so many ways with Dj Pro. I’m trying to move full time to DJ pro, and this is one of those factors for me, and other Dj/Producers we work with. I also believe we absolutely need more modifiers/states to make this really competitive and get working Dj’s moved over.

Been working on a mapping for our K2’s within Dj Pro Ai, to match what my wife and I do with Traktor. STAFF AND MODERATORS: please read this, we are trying to make the leap to DJ Pro AI, completely, but it is very difficult without advanced Midi functions like this. If you want to grab widespread adoption, I would suggest this as a way to do so by real working Dj’s. We also need to be able to control the OUT states of midi for lights etc. Use case would be, the button I use for “Play” on my K2, blinks while playing, rather than when stopped, or even blinking to the BPM. Right now if I use the lights, for things like cues etc, the whole controller is just on with red lights. Not very useful when working high paced in the booth.

Anyhow, I digress…it is very limiting only having one modifier(the shift key) in DJ Pro because it leaves much of the controller only able to function in a minimal way. There’s been so many positive developments with DJ Pro, I hope that you can look at features that will make it more usable, like this, rather than adding more toys that nobody really uses. Another good example that working DJ’s producers could really use, are sampler and looper that we can load with our own.

I hope this feedback comes in handy because I really think that this software is on to something! Thanks for listening!


I’ve heard other people mentioning that you can do this by editing the XML files if you can’t wait for Algoriddim to add this to the UI. I myself, have very little experience with XML files so I wouldn’t really no where to begin.

I know nothing about this at all. I’m a Dj, not a programmer…LOL!

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LOL! Exactly! Sounds like it’s doable and not really that difficult if you’re willing to do some research and learning. I mean let’s be honest… complex MIDI mapping in Traktor with multiple modifiers and conditions isn’t exactly a walk in the park :crazy_face:

although complex MIDI mapping in Traktor is much faster and easier than doing it in an XML editor. All Algoriddim needs to do is have a ‘super advanced MIDI’ option in the settings that those of us can activate if we want to, but would stay hidden for anyone else

Please Algoriddim, can we get this done? :wink:


+1 for Traktor-style modifiers… would greatly enhance the possibilities with something like rellop’s neon, for example… allowing use of the bank buttoins to select separate decks.

The ‘if in active loop’ modifier in Traktor is also very handy.


Hey @Jake_Williams and everyone who posted here,

Thank you for your feeback, we are grateful for it and find it useful, so don’t hesitate to share or to keep sharing it!

I will be passing this feedback on to our Dev Team and keep you posted with any updates. Cheers :slight_smile:


This would be awesome for mapping my midi fighter 3d


Just think about how much more ‘bang for your buck’ you could get out of just one controller. Also, learning about modifier states and conditions when I used to map with Traktor was what got me interested in coding later on.

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