Update MIDI Features/Connection with controllers

I have a DDJ-SZ and I noticed that some stuff doesn’t light up; for example the red led inside the jog that shows the advancement of the playing song doesn’t work; neither the arrows near the tempo fader work. (Virtual DJ made their way making them work)
the auto CUE feature doesn’t work I have to manually select the cue
then looking at the MIDI conf I found that the whole mixer configuration is missing and if I try to add it myself I get a double effect because the mixer of the DDJ-SZ is an actual mixer so I get the low pass of the software plus the one of the mixer. at last there are a lot of buttons that don’t have nothing assigned, for example the SLIDE; the FX 1/2 at the top of each line.
When talking of a native support I thought that everything should have worked.
I hope my suggestion will get to the developers

@Alessandro_Barto given that the DDJ-SZ is nearly 10 years old now and no longer in production, I doubt there will be any updates to the mapping from Algoriddim. I suspect they are focussing their resources on newer hardware support.

Your best option is to dive in and customize the MIDI Mapping yourself. This is surprisingly intuitive and easy to do. There are of course some limitations with this approach, but I think you’ll be happier than waiting around and hoping for an update. Here are some MIDI Mapping guides for iOS and MacOS.

Thanks @Slak_Jaw ,
My problem is that the red ring and the arrows are MIDI Output only and there is no way to configure this kind of output (or at least I tried to without results)
I think it’s the same problem with the newer consoles and their screens

Yeah unless the LED is associated with a button or encoder you cannot MIDI map it with the MIDI learn tool. This unfortunately needs to be done by Algoriddim or via the XML file.

XML file? do you know where I can look to set it up?

@Alessandro_Barto I have only played around with these a little so can’t give you much guidance. If you don’t already know anything about these files, you likely won’t be able to make much sense of them. Here’s the thread though:

Here’s the original thread as well:

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