USB adaptor for 2018 iPad Pro, to use with Beatpad AND external hard drive

I have an 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 which i use with my reloop Beatpad 1. Its connected to the Beatpad using the USB A input on the Beatpad via a genuine (very expensive) Apple Digital AV multi port adaptor.
this adaptor plugs into the iPads USBC socket, then the Beatpad is connected to the USB A socket on the adaptor,
there is one more USBC socket on the adaptor, but this is Only to plug an iPad Charger lead into to power the iPad Pro!
I was hoping to use this to plug in my Western Digital 6TB External hard drive, but the IPad doesnt recognise anything has been connected!
If i plug my external hard drive directly into my iPad Pro it recognises it immediately! So i am wondering if you guys have any idea how to hook up both my Beatpad AND my External hard drive at the same time?
Ive done plenty of google searches for adaptors with no luck!

Hi there, I’ve used either a usb-a powered hub it’s linked in my post in this thread…

Or the Anker USB C Hub, PowerExpand+ 7-in-1 USB C Adapter, which is usb-c

Either let me power a controller and have access to an external drive.

I used the usb-a on my old iPad Air and I now use the anker on my usb-c iPad Pro.

Hope that helps……

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Thanks for this!
So do you think this will work with my set up?
Its a little complicated, as the USBC socket on my ipad Pro is taken up with the apple multiport adaptor!
I then connect my beatpad to the adaptor via the USB-A output on the adaptor (circled in red in pic)
I then connect my Ipad USB-C lead & apple charger to the USBC input (circled purple in pic) on the Apple multiport adaptor simply to power the ipad!
This USBC won’t recognise my external Hard drive!
So I am now wondering what configuration I would need using the Anker USB-A powered Hub?
Thanks in advance

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Hi, if you get the anker 7 in 1 you don’t need the Apple adapter.

You can miss it out completely. You will however need to have a usb-A on your hard drive, if yours is usb-c then a small c to a adapter will do you.

I have attached a picture of how I set it up along with screenshots of the hard drive appearing in djay.

My drive is called BackupDrive and you can see it in the browser window.

Hopefully that helps a bit.



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Hey! Thank you very much for an in-depth in detail reply with pics! It’s such a complicated topic, there’s no help really on `google etc
My external Hard Drive is a Western digital 6TB the lead coming out of it is a USB-A that plugged into my PC (see pic)

so is this what you mean?
I will also need another USB-A socket to plug my Beatpad into, but i think there’s 2 on the Anker?
I if this will work as you said, ill get one & sell the apple multiport adaptor! They are £75!!!
I should get enough to cover the cost for the Anker? So it would be a straight swap and no cost! :grinning:

Ive just seen in your photo that theres two USB-A sockets so all looks good thanks

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Yep, two usb-a sockets on the Anker, you’ll be fine.

Just make sure you get the extra me with usb-c plug.

The 7 in 1 is here

Any problems drop me a line and I’ll try and help you out.



Thank you so much! :+1: ive just taken a look £40 thats a good price!

very good tips guys; you guys are the best for solving things. And yes; i love mixing with my ipad pro 13"…makes things so easy for me…

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Just seen this
Would this work?

I had seen that version and in theory it would work, the problem with that version is there is no PD port to power anything with, so you’re relying on the iPad battery.

The 7 in 1 has the PD port pass through to keep things charged.


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Thanks! That’s cleared that up!
As i DJ live at a venue every Saturday, (well i will do again once this pandemic is done) i reckon i will need power for the iPad

Hi buddy! Just about to purchase a 7 in 1 and it says it doesnt support pass through charging for mobile devices? This is puzzling! Any advice? Thanks

Hi again, it’s fine with an iPad.

They put that there more as a disclaimer should someone connect a mobile that could only accept 12w max and then blows their battery apart!
The iPad can accept up to 35w and will only draw what it can safely use.
I use it with my iPad 11” 2018 and have no problems at all.
This website explains it a bit better than me.
Long and short of it though is you will be fine with the 7in1 and it won’t harm the iPad at all.

Just thought of something else, in the diagram the 60w in 48w out assumes you are using a Mac 60w charger, if you’re not then it will only output whatever you put in less 12w, as it uses 12w for itself.
I use it with an Anker 60w, 5 port charger which has 30w on the PD port, so I’m effectively giving the iPad 18w, which is fine to keep it going.

Thanks again so much! That’s great!
And sorry to keep bombarding you with questions every now and then!

Thank you so much for your fab help!
This is a complicated issue which not many can help with!
Take care

Great stuff! Let me know how you get on and drop me a line if you need any help with it.

I will do, and i should be ok with the help you’ve already given me thanks

Hi Steve,
Its just arrived, & ive plugged in my usbc lead & charger that came with my iPad Pro 2018 & it says 'not charging ive tried several other chargers including my old 'bricks charger from my old ipad & they all say the same! So it looks like its going back! Damn! :pleading_face:

Also Steve, I’ve just looked on the anker website & it lists incompatible devices & iPad Pro 2018 is one of the incompatible devices!