Using a USB mic.


I wonder if anyone can help me out.

I want to use djay to do a radio show over icecast, so I’m trying to work out the procedure. I have my iPad, USB adapter, Blue Yeti mic, and an app that will allow me to stream to our station server.

With this in place, is it possible to use a USB microphone with djay, for the links and announcements? I have it plugged in at the moment, but can’t see any options for mic faders within the app, which suggests that it isn’t possible.

I do also have a Numark Mixtrack Pro that has a regular mic input, so that’s an option if needs be, but ideally I just want to be able to do it with iPad/iPhone.

Thanks in advance!

You will need a mixer for that. As far as I know, dJay does not have any external audio input tracks.

According to this Thread dJay does not yet support icecast.

Keep in mind that on iPad you cannot use two apps at the same time. You must choose if you want to use your iPad for djaing with dJay OR use an iOS app to stream to icecast. You cannot do both at the same time with one iPad. That’s an Apple iOS restriction. Only one app. (Not like on a laptop.)

And then you need a way to convert the audio from the mixer to the icecsat stream, for example via a laptop or a dedicated hardware.

Thanks for your reply.

IPad can use two apps at a time. I’ve successfully sent audio from DJay2 to AudioBus, which is able to mix with my microphone and send that audio across to IziCast, which uploads the audio to the station’s server. Because DJay2 supports AudioBus, while the newer, supposedly all-singing, all-dancing version of djay (to which we’re expected to subscribe…) doesn’t support it. Which is a shame, because I suspect there’s a lot of DJ’s stuck at home right now who’d love to get their mixes up there.

So yeah, I’ve figured out a workaround, but I’d much prefer if there was a way for DJay to see my mic directly. It would be less clunky than this.

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Ok I am beginning to understand your setup. Nice one by the way :slight_smile: Seems that iOS is able to do more with audio signals than I knew of … a few hours ago … :slight_smile: (AudioBus, Ableton Link etc.)

But still: I think your hit the limits of your own requirment: “I just want to be able to do it with iPad/iPhone.” Se for example also this older thread here.

I think you will need an audio mixer to mix seperate inputs. And then a seperate device (Laptop) that encodes the master out of the audio mixer to your streaming server. (analog->digital)

Finally found it … i knew I saw it some time ago:

Have a look at the “iRig Stream” IK Multimedia - iRig Stream

That could be something for your setup.

That does look like a handy little bit of kit, actually. Might try and save some pennies.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll have to just do what I can with what I have. Seems a shame that the setup is still so limited, considering what it feels like it’s capable of. I mean, all DJay needs is a mic channel with a separate fader and the ability to stream to Icecast, and it’ll be good to go for all budding radio presenters.

I say “all”, but what I know about app development you could write on the end of a mini USB plug…

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