What controllers support pre-cue on Android?

I want to get a controller to use Djay in a new Android 11 tablet. In the supported hardware page there is a list of controllers, but no info about precue, which is the most important thing. I know I could use a split cable, but the point of getting a controller is to get a proper audio interface. So, what controllers officially support pre-cue on Android?

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Hi @climas_interiores,

Thanks for asking this in the Community.

Could you please tell us what Android tablet you’re using? Pre-Cueing works on Android just like on the other platforms on our natively supported controllers (list here: www.algoriddim.com/hardware#android). However, we are aware that on some Android devices (Samsung devices are particularly affected) multi-channel audio doesn’t work. This has been discussed in the Community here before:

We’ll keep you guys posted in the Community with any news about this.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Cheers, G


Thanks for answering. It is in fact a Samsung Tab A7 :frowning:

I guess I’ll wait til the issues get solved.