No sound with Reloop Mixtour on Samsung S10

I’ve recently purchased a Reloop Mixtour that I intend to use with my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S10. The Mixtour works fine with Djay Pro on Windows, but that’s not how I wish to use it. The problem is that even though the Mixtour controls Djay perfectly, there is no working sound.


  1. Reboot phone
  2. Connect Mixtour via USB
    At this point I have a notification about a connected USB device
  3. Power on Mixtour
    At this point, SmarThings has replaced the USB notification, and I can choose if I want audio to play through the phone or through the Mixtour. The Mixtour is chosen by default and I don’t change it.
  4. Open Djay app
    At this point, I can control Djay entirely with the Mixtour, and the Mixtour LEDs all make sense with the state of Djay. As soon as Djay opens, a buzz becomes audio on my speakers connected to the RCA output of the Mixtour. At no point do headphones work. When I turn the Mixtour’s master volume up all the way, I can faintly hear the music that Djay is playing, but it sounds absolutely awful, like it was compressed to a comically small bitrate or something. I can only tell it is actually the music from Djay because stopping in Djay makes it obvious.

This is very frustrating, and I am likely to try and return the Mixtour if I can’t get it solved.

Hi @Kevin_Wood,

Thanks for contacting the Algoriddim Support Team.

We are aware of this issue when connecting the Reloop Mixtour to some Samsung devices. We are currently working on a solution for it. We kindly ask for your patience while we do so. Thanks for your understanding.

We apologize for the inconveniences this issue might have caused you.

This topic has previously been discussed in the following thread:

I’ll personally let you know as soon as there’s more information about the fix.

Cheers, G