What is the best ios device for Djay WITHOUT any crash ?

I am a well-known DJ in my region, and I’m currently frustrating all these old-school guys with their old CDJs. They can’t believe how powerful Djay is, and everyone is switching over :smiley: I just have one question: I bought a brand-new iPad Gen.9 exclusively for use with Djay, as I work a lot with Neural Mix. Several times now, I’ve experienced the app crashing and quitting in the middle of a mix after a few hours. Do you recommend a specific Apple processor to achieve maximum stability? Would a latest-generation iPad mini or a 3rd generation iPad Pro be more ideal than my iPad Gen.
9? It’s important for me to know, based on your stability tests, which Apple device is the most stable. If it’s an iPhone, that’s even more convenient for me :slight_smile: Another related question: could using internal or external mixing (in Djay’s settings) with my Kontrol S3 have an impact on stability?

Thank you for your assistance!

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Cannot pinpoint a specific iPad, but for stability:

  • higher iPads have more RAM and depending on model faster USB/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. The step up to the Air is significant in this regard. The iPad Air 4 is bang for buck with the Air 5 a bit better. Pro iPads have more of all that.

BUT I have a feeling your iPad 9th gen is MORE than good enough as many of us run just fine on older less powerful hardware. Try some of this to see if it makes the system more stable:

  • disable all Widgets, Notifications, SIRI, uneeded Wi-Fi / Bluetooth. Any app with a scheduler that periodically polls the CPU or checks the WIFi/Bluetooth connections.

  • set Focus to Do Not Disturb

  • also go through a few “battery saving” YouTube videos and turn off other unneeded features. This can be odd stuff like screen parallax background movement etc. Not only will the battery last significantly longer, but I find the system feels “more rock solid”.

FWIW - I’ve never had the iOS version crash on me, but I had some crashes in macOS that got solved by doing similar optimizations.


@djcollins I totally agree with @Michael_Wisniewski that your device should probably be fine for djay Pro AI. Plus his list of suggestions is spot on! I just created another thread sharing my iOS specific tips for maximizing performance and stability. Hopefully you’ll find some things in there to reduce or eliminate your crashes before shelling out for new hardware.




Hi @djcollins,

We’re sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing this type of unexpected behavior in djay as it relates to your iPad.

We’d be interested in reviewing your device’s djay crash reports to see if we can pinpoint the exact issue you are having as it may also be affecting other users.

Please email us at support@algoriddim.com and reference this Community topic link so that we can share next steps with you.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

I use an “older” IPad with I think the A13 Bionic chip I think it’s called. It’s not an M1 or anything and it runs the software pretty rock solid. I bought it off Amazon at a reduced price of $219.99 brand new. It’s been a great buy so far, as it still supports all the apps I’ve downloaded off the app store so far. I’ve had zero issues with it. I mainly stream my music from Beatsource or Tidal when using Djay Pro and its worked fine with that.

I’ve done a set last Friday on my 2018 11" Pro (A12x). Mostly streaming using an iPhone hotspot. Smooth as butter as long as you follow the tips and tricks.


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