Why Beatgrid had to be that complex with v5 ??

Hi team, first I’d like to say I’ve been a fan for a long time of Djay Pro. For the 1st time I think big mistakes have been made with this new release.

The beatgrid was so easy before that. One entry point, the grid was always set up automatically perfectly, that was the charm of it. Of course I’m talking about a rythm that has been recorded with a computer, and been quantized, as electronic music or hip hop. It’s 95% of the music we play as dj. I love Disco but it was fine with me if I could’nt automatically beat match some disco.

So now we have this fluidbeat grid, with highlights. And even a 4/4 house track with 127bpm is analyzed as dynamic BPM between 126.1 and 128.3.

Even if you know the beat is regular, when you set an highlight, it goes only for the few bars between your highlight. Arf, so frustrating, it worked so well before.

I’d want to report also some sort of a bug, this pop up confirmation message.

Is there a way to go back to v4 ?

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I hate to admit it, but I’m feeling this :sweat_smile:

The beatgrid can’t be set properly in this version. It just has set a downbeat option which completely throws out the bpm. You can now back up all your old beatgrids to another device but it doesn’t adhere to a new beat at all. Complete stuff up!!! Why ruin something that was working perfectly???

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There also needs to be an (easy) 1 step system of adding beat and cue like the previous system wisually in the waveform without having to go to some new section.

First few new tracks I’ve put in and scanned. All incorrect. Beatgrid start is in wrong position. Cannot be manually set on the start on the waveform (or manual position) like previous beatgrid system.

I put in 30 tracks yesterday and lost hope after 5 and removed them all.

Further to this, here is the old working version.

It had a set grid start button which has been removed. By removing this button the beatgrid cannot be manually moved and as you can see from the tracks uploaded, the beatgrid start is in the wrong position.

You use to be able to do this with one button on the waveform like the set cue button.

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Not sure if this is your case but I thought mine were off as well until I let the track play for a while. Sometimes the first line or two or few won’t look like they’re on beat. As the track goes on I notice the grid is right on for the overwhelming majority of tracks. Even ones with live bands playing. The older version couldn’t do this at all. Nowhere near the accuracy of 5.0.

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You can’t manually set the GRID START where you want it. DOWNBEAT is not the same as GRID START. This is a major problem for track accuracy.

You can now only set a downbeat and the app just puts this where it sees fit. You can’t pick a grid start point yourself - (looks like this IMPORTANT functionality has been removed),

A lot of tracks have intros silent starts etc that aren’t taken into account with whatever new algorithm has been developed by “the lab guys”.

It does badly with breakbeat start grids, 6/4’s and abstracts (always has) and you need to be able to place the GRID START where you want to get around this issue. You then need to be able to incrementally move it to the start of a 4/4 BEATGRID and not adhere to a grid set by the app. Otherwise those tracks will always be inaccurate.

TO SUM UP, in about 5-10 seconds with a functionality in V4 - you could apply GRID START on any complex waveform along with SET START CUE, and have PERFECT ACCURACY.

SO, either it’s an accurate mix tool of it isn’t, choose….

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Again, sorry for the delay. As promised, here are the FAQ articles for the Fluid Beatgrid system:

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Dropped the first track in, great track by the way, DJAY scans, perfect grid on beat.

Did it on Mac though, I surely hope that doesn’t make a difference.

Edit - on iPad too. DJAY figures out a straight 124 BPM grid. No probs at all.

Edit 2 - same thing goes for track 2 (Explorer). It’s a straightforward 128 BPM track that gets analyzed and gridded as it’s supposed to IMO. Note that this track is missing the first downbeat and you shouldn’t mess with that or try to ‘correct’ it as it is in fact correctly identified by DJAY.

Both of these work perfectly without any tweaking needed on my system.

I can’t find the third track as Colours is actually the name of the EP, so the track appears to be incorrectly named.

Edit 3 - I’m guessing the title is Red Brick (looking at your waveform). Again, no problems whatsoever. You might want to micromanage the beat by slightly moving the complete grid in this case, but in practice it works perfect as it is even when you loop the first 4 bars for example.

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Just to be sure, some of the Rhodes and synth sounds are supposed to be ahead of the downbeat. Notice how the 5th bar is on the downbeat again.

This is a valid point I’d say. I’ve also seen this happening too and it’s something that could be improved or evened out although of course the actual accurate syncing (I’m talking about older tracks now) should have first priority.

Hi @Donall_O_Cleirigh, I’m linking my response from the other thread here just in case.

Although in this case using a straight instead of dynamic grid can solve the issue most of the time.