Will there be ANY AUV IAA or audiobus support?

The app is FANTASTIC on my ipad pro BUT… What is up with connectivity??? Will it ever be a thing? If not I would like to know so I can stop holding out for it and deal with the BS workaround I am currently using.

Cmon guys and gals…

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+1 for audiobus support, like the old djay2 was …

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Hi @James_Redou,

I’ve moved your topic post over to the Suggestions category so we can track it here. If other users are interested in this feature, they can vote for it here and we’ll keep an eye on it.

In addition, could you and any other interested users please share how you were using this feature in the old djay apps, or what you’d like to use it for now? Our team is interested to find out more about why/how this feature may be useful for you. Thanks in advance!



OK. But… an eye on it, the way I hear it, its not even on the radar. That’s incredibly disappointing. the best way to use apps on ios is in a host where you can use multiple apps together that talk to each other and play to their individual strengths.


i strongly support this idea. besides it was already working on old djay2 so whyyyyy did you remove it? :slight_smile:

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Any help for aum or audiobus support


Another +1 for Audiobus support

Please add IAA at least please

Thank you all for your posts and votes for this suggestion.

Could you please share further information about your individual setups, including what app/service you’d want to connect djay for iOS with, so that we can better support you? Our team is interested to find out more about why/how this feature may be useful for you in order to gain further insights into this request.

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I am currently using DjayPro on the ipad alongside, (outside…uggh) AUM. I have setup a sweet template in AUM for my drums, samples, and synths with their own effects on their respective channels and then they all feed into a master for group effects and comp etc. I use DjayPro for a number of things atm, acapellas of course, but also live syncing audio like my breaks / resampling my own beats and other things that currently CANNOT be done in my audio processing chain. : ( : (

Please check out my IG page to see a bit of what I’m doing ( @jredou_ko ) Being able to incorporate this incredibly powerful app into my chain would unlock so many possibilities in my current workflow


Hello! I just want to say that I’ve been using Djay Pro for the last few years to present a radio show. Before COVID I plugged in my iPad Air 2 with audio interface & MIDI controller, used AUM with a few plugins to auto duck jingles & stings played on KOALA or SAMPL. I sometimes mixed 3x audio tracks plus outboard samples (DJay sample player was too simple for me) at the same time, and it was relatively stable most of the time.
I am preparing to go back into the studio after COVID and back to live mixing, with iPad 8th & hopefully Neuralmix. Have tried Djay AI but I cannot use it on its own for my show.
Thus I’m stuck with the old version (which is crashing on ios14 already) and would really appreciate IAA & AUv3 for more creative and stable freedom.
Phew! Thanks for the app anyway, I tested others thoroughly and Djay Pro was the best. Lastly, it’s a pity about rental only as original outright purchase option didn’t seem to affect your business negatively…

Any update for iaa or aum/audiobus support

+1 for audiobus support, like the old djay2 toooo !

Yeah… I really don’t think its happening it would be cool if they just
said it tho SMH

Hi All, Thanks for your continued feedback on this topic thread. :pray:

Just dropping in here to let you know that with the release of the latest version of djay Pro AI on iOS (3.8), the ability to use Audio Unit effects on the master output on iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 was added.

Would the addition of this feature allow some of you to use djay in the way you were hoping to when you voted on this topic or commented here? Please feel free to let us know either way. And if not, please share more about why/how you’d use such a feature in djay so we can gain more insights into what exactly you’re looking for (if you haven’t already done so). :headphones:

Hi Emily

First thank you for this feature !

I tried and it works great.

Next step would be to add Audiobus support : djay then could send its output to audiobus and in audiobus we could add fx and send the output to another app. (like djay2 was).
Do you think it’s possible ?


For any serious musical work - live and in the studio - audio connectivity is a MUST! While it is nice to have the the possibility to use AUV3 effects in the new djay pro, djay 2 used to work seamlessly within Audiobus and AUM offering the possibility to mix and record any combination of synths, drum machines and dj tracks and send them to separate hardware and software outputs (right into cubasis for example). Please re-integrate this important feature!

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Yes! …What Tim said :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s good but we want to send the master to audio bus

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Thanks for the additional feedback and explanation of what you’re looking for, Everyone! I’ve passed this information along to our Development Team, and will continue to update you here with any news about this.

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