Will there be ANY AUV IAA or audiobus support???????????????

The app is FANTASTIC on my ipad pro BUT… What is up with connectivity??? Will it ever be a thing? If not I would like to know so I can stop holding out for it and deal with the BS workaround I am currently using.

Cmon guys and gals…

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+1 for audiobus support, like the old djay2 was …

Hi @James_Redou,

I’ve moved your topic post over to the Suggestions category so we can track it here. If other users are interested in this feature, they can vote for it here and we’ll keep an eye on it.

In addition, could you and any other interested users please share how you were using this feature in the old djay apps, or what you’d like to use it for now? Our team is interested to find out more about why/how this feature may be useful for you. Thanks in advance!

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OK. But… an eye on it, the way I hear it, its not even on the radar. That’s incredibly disappointing. the best way to use apps on ios is in a host where you can use multiple apps together that talk to each other and play to their individual strengths.


i strongly support this idea. besides it was already working on old djay2 so whyyyyy did you remove it? :slight_smile:

Any help for aum or audiobus support

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