DDJ-400 iOS and djay pro

Hi! Just reading lots of comments. How is the DdJ400 NOT compatible for djay pro but fine for the free version???

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Have a look at this link.

It’s supported in every version except Android.

What are you looking at that says otherwise?

Customer support put on here.
It’s supported for djay on iOS but not djay pro on iOS

So basically I can use it on the free version but not on the better version I pay for…is that correct

Not according to the info on the support page as it states DDJ400 at the top of the iOS list. That is the list that works with DJ Pro AI (as long as you have a subscription)

This page shows the controllers that work on the free version and a bit further down it says;

“Please see the full list of natively supported MIDI controllers available with a PRO subscription.” with a clickable link.

If you follow the link it takes you to the page I originally posted which is the list of supported controllers with a paid subscription.

When did CS post what you have read and can you link to the original post please?

It may be that it wasn’t supported at the time the post was made but support has since been added.


That is an old like. If that’s not the problem will it be with my usb3 camera adapter… when I plug it in to my phone the controller lights up, but if my phone try’s to charge then the controller cuts out

The problem isn’t really with your adapter, it’s the amount of power the thing needs to work correctly.

I have put up a post here that shows how to use a powered USB hub to make it work.

I, along with many others, have never been able to get a Pioneer controller to work just off the power supplied by the camera adapter as the iPad (or phone) doesn’t kick out enough juice to keep it on.

Have a look at my other post and that should guide you in the right direction of getting it working.


Thanks for info

So basically I can use the DdJ400 in djay pro, my camera adapter is fine and o just need a more powerful usb to power it.

Will my phone/iPad charge then and power the controller, is that the issue I have got

The controller is powered by the USB hub and then the iPhone/iPad is also charged via the hub through the camera adapter.

The controller and the device talk to each other through the hub and adapter.

The pictures at the bottom of my other conversation show how it all connects up…

It does need to be a powered USB hub though and a normal hub will not do it at all.

Great thanks for your knowledge Yoda

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You’re welcome…

Let us know how you get on.

Do not buy the DDJ-400 to use with an Ipad you will have audio dropout issues.

The reported audio dropout issues with the DDJ-400 should be fixed now with the release of djay Pro AI for iOS version 3.6.6. Please update your app and let us know if you have any feedback!

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Are you confident that the drop out issues have been resolved?

Yes, fairly confident. :slightly_smiling_face: We’ve also had many reports from users to confirm this has been fixed. Please let us know if you’re running into any problems and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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Well just had a drop out within 20mins, music still mixing deck unresponsive…so frustrating

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Sorry to hear that and I can definitely understand the frustration.

As it would be really helpful to understand your individual setup in more detail, could you please submit a request ticket here so our Support Team can gather additional information and provide 1:1 support for you. Please reference this Forum Topic thread in your request.

I am also using the Pioneer DDJ-400 together with djPro AI for iOS on iPad.
I can confirm what was written above. Yes you need the original(!) Apple Ligthtening To USB 3 “Camera” Adapter. And very importantly you need a strongly powerd USB Charger. The DDJ-400 needs close to 3A at 5V to run.

I am currently looking if this is possible with a Powerbank for a mobile setup … still work in progress …


Still dropping out here in may 2021. 2 times in an hour trying to host a party. Membership cancelled. Embarrassing

I went and bought the 12w apple charger and adopter and the usb/camera one. Totalling nearly £50. I plug the lighting cable in and my phone and it charges but the controller doesn’t power up. The only way I can get the set working is with a powered usb hub. And then I have drop outs