iPhone Remote for djay on iPad

V4-UPDATE, August 28, 2023: added Looper, Sampler and Library controls.

  1. Due to limited space, I decided to add the Looper and Sampler tabs to the Cue tab.
  2. Similarly, I added the Library tab to the Loops tab.
  3. Known Bug: on my setup, for some reason, when a sample is already playing on the Looper, I need to press that button twice to stop it. I believe this has something to do with the MIDI Out command for the LEDs. If I disable the MIDI Out, I only need to press the button once to stop the sample.

V3-UPDATE, August 26, 2023: added FX sub-pages for Pad, Instant and Manual.

Using an App called TouchOSC, I’ve created a wireless Bluetooth remote for iPhone to control djay Pro AI running on iPad. I’m pretty sure this will also work between iPhone and Mac (without the need for midimittr), but I don’t have a MacBook to test it on.

  1. I often play very long sets where I’m the only one DJing, so having the ability to step away from the booth while still having control over the software and music is super helpful.
  2. I created the GUI using the built-in TouchOSC Editor. Obviously, there are some limitations graphic-wise with this editor, but I did my best to mimic the layout and colours of djay Pro AI on iPhone.
  3. This requires the new iOS version of TouchOSC which costs $11.99 (not the TouchOSC Mk1 app). See post below for TouchOSC SETUP PROCEDURE. This is an amazing App. You can pretty much create any kind of MIDI controller layout you can imagine. Note: I’m not affiliated with TouchOSC and don’t make money if you buy this app. However, I can say it’s well worth the money if you’re interested creating your own custom control surfaces.
  4. It also requires the free iOS App midimittr to transmit wireless MIDI over Bluetooth between the iOS devices. See post below for MIDIMITTR SETUP PROCEDURE. As with most things wireless, this can be a bit fiddly and unreliable so I wouldn’t want to 100% rely on this for live performance.
  5. Unfortunately, this forum currently does not permit sharing the TouchOSC layout files, so for now I’m sharing a Dropbox link. Hope it works.
  6. I’m already working on new versions with more FX control screens and hopefully Looper and Sampler screens. If you have other suggestions, please let me know.
  7. DISCLAIMER: While I spent many hours creating the GUI and MIDI Mapping, I have not had time to extensively test things. So, use at your own risk. I provide no guarantees and accept no responsibility. I made this for my own personal use, but wanted to share it freely here to hopefully spark some creative ideas.

TouchOSC File: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/9lom55ilk68d8qevb46ci/Slak-iPhone-djay-V4.tosc?rlkey=amtesb6fwrsvt7t94c2em1dkx&dl=0

MIDI Mapping File:
Slak’s iPhone djay Remote-V4.djayMidiMapping (79.1 KB)


@NathanielAlgo and @Jru can you please enable sharing on this forum of TouchOSC file types .tosc and .touchosc? Thanks!

I’d LOVE to be able to remotely control djay on my iMac from my iPad over wifi…gotta do some digging into this.
Thank you!!

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@heysoundude its even easier between iPad and MacBook because you don’t need the midimittr app.

Awesome, because bluetooth sucks
Here’s my thought process:
my iMac is wired to the network for Tidal, so I should be able to connect iPad to iMac over the iMac’s AirPort wifi network (for distance). Eliminating a workaround/patch app to make this work from greater distances (I’d often be more than 50ft/15m away from the host machine in a busy wireless environment, so bluetooth would be problematic in my case) would be my ideal.

Isnt there way to share this with a google drive link? Someone did it for the MIDI implementation spreadsheet iirc…


Yeah, that should be no problem. When I used TouchOSC years ago with Traktor Pro between my iPad and MacBook, I seem to recall being able to connect them wirelessly with a device to device network (ie no WiFi).

Yeah, I’m sure there’s a way with Google Drive or Dropbox. I’d like to see the attachment restriction on this forum relaxed a bit though so stuff like this is more convenient and user friendly.

Wouldn’t it be easier if Algoriddim implemented this functionality natively on apps for all the platforms?
Seems the obvious solution.

Of course, but end users use releases as steps towards towards perfection, something the devs may strive for but assume they’ll never achieve. (keeping it running similarly across a handful of platforms must be freakishly challenging if not outright frustrating, right?)

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No, not right.
Frustrated they would be if the competition offer this functionality first to their end users.

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MIDIMITTR SETUP PROCEDURE: Here’s how to make the Bluetooth MIDI connection between iPhone and iPad.

  1. First instal midimittr app on both iPhone and iPad.
  2. Turn Bluetooth ON for both devices.
  3. Navigate to iOS Settings>midimittr> and ensure ALLOW MIDIMITTTR TO ACCESS: Bluetooth is turned ON for both devices.
  4. Open midimittr on iPhone and navigate to Advertise at the bottom then turn ON Advertise MIDI Service.
  5. Now open midimittr on iPad and navigate to Devices at the bottom then select the Not Connected text near the top right to connect. As mentioned at the top of this post, Bluetooth can be finicky. Sometimes you need to turn Bluetooth OFF on both devices, close both midimittr apps and start over to make a successful connection.

TOUCHOSC SETUP PROCEDURE: Here’s how to setup TouchOSC.

  1. Purchasing the app on either device give you access to it on both devices assuming you are using the same AppleID.
  2. You need to have it installed on the iPhone for sure, but I prefer to use the TouchOSC Editor on iPad for doing any GUI work.
  3. Using the iOS Files App, download and move the .tosc file to: On My iPhone>TouchOSC

  4. Now open open TouchOSC on iPhone and follow the image steps below to open the .tosc file:

  5. Once opened, swipe to the right on the top menu bar to reveal the Play button icon.

  6. NOTE: This TouchOSC layout is designed to work only in Landscape Mode so be sure to rotate the iPhone to properly scale the GUI.
  7. To return to Editor Mode, press the small circle at the top right near the EQ tab. Unfortunately, this button is very close to the EQ tab, so you need to be careful not to accidentally press it when trying to access the EQ menu for Deck B. Alternatively, you can rotate to Portrait mode to make this button easier to select.

DJAY PRO AI SETUP PROCEDURE: Here’s the setup procedure for loading the MIDI Mapping into djay. EDIT: Nov 13, 2013. See Post #34 below for how to make the mapping file work on your specific iOS device. iPhone Remote for djay on iPad - #34 by CliffyPop

  1. Using the iOS Files App on iPad, download and move the .djayMidiMapping file to the djay folder: On My iPad>djay

  2. Open djay Pro AI and navigate to: Settings>MIDI Devices>”Name of Your iPhone” Bluetooth>MIDI CONFIGURATION> and select the MIDI Mapping file that you downloaded here.

  3. Assuming the Bluetooth connection is working properly, you should now be able to use the iPhone as a wireless controller for djay Pro AI on iPad.
  4. In my experience, once you’ve done all of these steps once, djay seems to remember so you only need to make sure the midimittr connection is working between both devices for each session.

No response from Algoriddim Staff on the .tosc file format so I have uploaded a DropBox link in the first post. Hopefully this works.

@heysoundude here you go!

I’m going to try to find the time to set this up and test it before next weekend…I’ll get back to you with any issues I might find or need explaining.


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Hey would this work with android phone and djay on iPad…the touchosc app is on play store but hesitant to spend 12£ on it if it only works with iPhone


It should work via Android, but I don’t have an Android phone to test it with. The main challenge I could see is making the wireless connection between Android and iOS. I’m using midimittr on iOS, so I’d check to see if that app is also available on Android first.

Thanks bro

Ah no that’s not on the play store :frowning:

Thanks anyway