MIDI Commands to Change Screen Display Modes

I originally suggested this about 3 years ago, but it’s since been closed. I believe there have been similar suggestions as well, but haven’t been able to find the posts.

  1. Can you please add MIDI mappable commands for the various djay Screen Display modes?
  2. Neural Mix, Hot Cues, Pitch Cue, Slice, Skip, Saved Loops, Bounce Loops, Instant FX, Manual FX, Sampler and Looper.
  3. I want to MIDI map these to the corresponding Pad Modes on my controller so the djay screen automatically switches to the appropriate display.
  4. This would eliminate the need to constantly manually change the display modes via the touch screen controls. The user experience would be much smoother and more intuitive.

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So simple, so intuitive, so obvious.


Hoping to move this topic higher up the development priority list as well.

  1. Lately, I’ve been creating a lot of custom MIDI Mappings for different hardware.
  2. In particular, I typically change the default Performance Pad Modes so they rarely match the printing on the controller.
  3. Being able to MIDI Map the display modes in djay would really improve the user experience and reduce the amount of touch screen interaction.

It’s honestly embarrassing such feature require to be voted up… such a basic feature.

No wonder why VDJ is demolishing every DJ software… and still growing…

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Or even better have the GUI change automatically.

If I press a cue button, the cues display.
If I press a loop button, the looper appears.
If I hit an FX button, the FX bar displays

Etc, etc

Automatic changes would be even better, but MIDI commands also welcome.



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  • Device model: iPad Air5
  • Version of operating system: IOS
  • Version of djay: latest
  • Hardware/controllers used: DDJ FLX4

Your question:

I would expect that FX section in DjayPro would open if I hit the PAD FX button on my FLX4 controller. Instead, I have to open the FX section on the app manually.
Is there a setting (Midi?) I can allow this?
E.g. hitting “FX SELECT” on the FLX4 has a direct impact in DjayPro so why can’t I do that with the PAD FX button on the deck as well?

Same is for the HOT CUE button on the FLX4. Hitting HOT CUE does not open the saved cues in DjayPro but I have to click in the app manually to open

This has already been mentioned here several times, but unfortunately this is not yet possible.

Hi @turbopussy, this has already been suggested in another topic. I have merged your topic with the original. Please cast you vote over here so the dev team can gauge user demand. Thanks!

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Is it possible in the midi control mappings to select/show a panel?

ie On the FLX4 when I press a pad more or on the forthcoming Mixtour Pro when I select a pad mode, is it possible to show that panel in the software.

If not, I think it would be a great improvement (especially with the Mixtour Pro coming).

PadModes/Panels like

  • Neural
  • Cue, PitchCue, Slice
  • LoopManual, LoopSaved, Bounce
  • FXPad, FX Instant, FXManual
  • EQ

Hi @rishi, this is not currently possible in djay. Please refer to the discussion below and cast your vote there to have this feature added to djay. Thanks!

Hi @turbopussy, I’ve merged your topic with this existing one. Please cast your vote here so the dev team can gauge demand. Thanks!

I’ve been excited about the new Reloop Mixtour Pro, but I think it needs the panel switching on pad mode change, like my FLX4 has on Rekordbox Mobile.

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I have a FLX4 and TBH I found it a little underwhelming on Djay so I purchased a Reloop Buddy as it is dedicated to the software.
You can bring up the desired panels on the Buddy by pressing mode then the designated pad twice which is really handy but I don’t think you can close them.